December 22, 2008


So, with my lack of camera cords to download my pictures onto the computer, I find posting rather difficult. I mean, I'm a visual person! I'd get bored reading my own blog if there wasn't at least one picture featured!

However, I was re-reading my old posts (read: proof reading for mistakes) and realized I'd mentioned "Dr. C., my miracle worker" with a promise to touch on him at a later date. No point in beating around the bush here: he's my plastic surgeon. I had a breast augmentation done back in May, and this last appointment was my six month follow-up.

I know that in today's society, most women have "some work" done to them, but it seems as though there is still a certain stigma surrounding plastic surgery. Maybe it's just the term plastic--like we're being shaped from a Barbie Doll mold. Personally, I think this is the farthest from the truth. Regardless of what type of surgery you go in for, you still leave with the same body, just slightly altered. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of what I did because it made my body more proportioned.

Without getting too intimate, here are a couple shots of me. This first one is in December of 2007 (I've just curled my hair for the first time, hence the smug little smile on my face).

And the second is of me this past summer 2008 when I came back to California for a visit (I'm also at my best weight here--I'm killing myself to get back there now).

To emphasize this point even more, in the first picture I am wearing a padded bra! I used to tell hubby I looked like a little pear, and now I'm an hour glass.

I'm not really sure how to end this post. Either with an, "I did it and I'm not ashamed!" (for truly, I'm not); or if I should just end by saying I know my choice isn't for everyone, but it was the right one for me (again true); but I think I'll just end by saying that some of us weren't born with the natural curves we so desired, and I took advantage of a way to find mine.


  1. i have plans, once i've had children to have things lift, nipped and tucked perhaps, if i'm not happy with the way i'm looking...

    good on you for knowing what you want and getting it...

  2. I have the opposite proportion problem. I've given consideration to having a reduction, but I'm too scared of the surgery!

    Did you find your recovery fairly easy? Is there any discomfort now?


  3. Gina--I've had friends who have had reductions and they are quite different from implants. I think their recoveries were faster and esier, as they're bodies were just shrinking to whereas mine was forced into growing.

    It's been two years since the surgery now, and aside from the odd little things here and there (I once got an air bubble in my implant after flying, but it was easily worked out) I've never had an issue. Laying on my chest is still a little odd, but I have a feeling that just something I have to get used to! ;)


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