December 29, 2008

family fotos

(Yes, I know...fotos. But I had to use an alliteration!)

For my father's Christmas gift, my sisters and I decided to chip in and buy a photography (fotography!) session at the mall. This was one of my favorite shots of us three girls. That's me on the left hand corner, Alyssa on the right hand corner, and Brittany at the top (I'm the oldest, followed by Brittany, then Alyssa).

Hopefully this weekend I'll have the rest so you can see all four of us in our shining glory! Yikes! I just realized this is the weekend we check into our new base! Not wanting to weigh this post down, I'll be sure to give a full up date tomorrow on what's been happening.


  1. You have the prettiest smile EVER!!!! Don't ever do anything to your face. <3 Üdo

  2. Thank you Udo! I am VERY lucky as nice teeth don't tend to run in my family!


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