December 17, 2008

safe and sound

So, we've made it to the West Coast! As time is being spent with the family, friends and other long lost souls, I thought I'd just pop in to let everyone know we're okay! I'll probably be taking a hiatus for a few weeks to get us through the holidays. Also, we've just discovered base housing up North has a 3-6 month wait list, and we'll be going back to apartment living for some time! (But great news, the rental agency back East says there's been a lot of interest in our house and one couple has already put in an application!) So now we've got to hunt one down. Can't wait to see what everyone gets for Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful season!

Shot outside our hotel at the Grand Canyon, playing in real-fell-from-the-sky-snow!

I'm a celebrity in my little mind.

PS: Isn't my new red fedora fabulous?!

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