August 28, 2010

We interupt your regularly scheduled program for GLITTER!

So, when did shoes become part of "all that glitters?!" I was looking for some shoe inspiration to help me better decide on a homecoming outfit (seems I'm not the only one who likes all those dresses!) and I soon found myself swooning over the styles that are out there right now!

Think pink baby!
BP Platinum "Jet" Pumps, $80

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto..."
J. Reneé "Gabriele" Pumps, $90

Oui, oui, monsieur!
J. Reneé "Parisa" Peep Toe Mule, $90

Sparkle, sparkle!
Enzo Angiolini "Sully" Platform Pumps, $90

All that glitters is gold.
Martinez Valero "Zeta" Pump, $150

Subtlety is an art form.
Via Spiga "Opal" Pumps, $200

Go bold or go home!
Stuart Weitzman "Avalon" Pump, $355

And these were just what I found at Nordstroms! Macy's is carrying a few pairs that are making me oogle in lust as well. With my current love of all things metallic (hello? my lamp and tray for the master bedroom) is it any wonder that I'm loving them in my wardrobe too? I even purchased metallic nail polish from Sephora and am seriously digging the effect! You'll have to wait for an outfit post to see the combo though! ;) And stayed tuned, because I have a feeling one of these pair of shoes will be coming home with me today and helping me make the final decision on my homecoming outfit!

August 25, 2010

Guess what I finished??

Our bed is now crowned by a nearly four-foot tall headboard!
Full pictures coming soon!

August 22, 2010

Homecoming: The Outfit (help!)

In case you haven't checked your calendar lately, we're nearly 80% done with Jason's deployment! (Cue the fireworks and patriotic music!) You've all been so wonderful getting me through this thing. Between the identity fraud and the lawyers, trying to sell our house and eventually putting it back up for rent, my job hunting, drama with so-called friends and the like, it's been a rough summer! However, there's always a silver lining in everything.

Yes, we're still dealing with the identity theft issues, but at least now we have a legal team on our side (we're gonna get you, you little bastard!). Our house never did sell, but we have a renter in it again who's busy making it her own (we just gave permission for her to paint the master bedroom). I finally found a wonderful job with fabulous hours and a great team to work with (hallelujah!). And I've learned that sometimes friends are just a reminder of your past that need to be remembered nostalgically. After all, a windshield is bigger than a review mirror for a reason: you're supposed to spend more time looking ahead of you than behind.

But enough of my pearls of "wisdom." Let's get to the fun stuff: the homecoming outfit!! I asked Jason what he would like me to wear and his answer (of course) was a trench coat, heels and lingerie! Well, I'm sure he and the rest of the unit wouldn't mind that, but I'm a bit more modest (but only a bit)! Besides, I have the other boys coming home too and they'll be getting lots of hugs as well.

So, to humor my husband but to be a little more people friendly, I started looking for trench style dresses. And I found a few others I liked along the way. Now I need your help! My readers have never steered my wrong in helping me pick out my outfits, especilly for my military events!

Work your magic readers!

Which dress would you choose if you were going to see
your husband for the first time in seven months??

All photos courtesy of ModCloth. I have not been compensated or paid to endorse this brand--I just love 'em! ;)


Ever since I posted my photo for the "Mad Men" competition and giveaway (still plenty of time to enter, and you can enter more than once!), my inbox has been flooded with e-mails! From how I do my make-up and take care of my skin, to how I stay in shape, and asking for more outfit posts like I used to do, you've all had some great things to say and ask! I'm trying to get back to everyone one by one, and I may do a little series that answers all the questions I got.

But, in the meantime, I will give you something many of you have been asking for--another outfit post!

This is definitely a more vintage-esque outfit. I like the way it reminds me of Rosie the Riveter. I'm headed out for some sight seeing today with my mom, step-dad, and step-sister. I wanted to pin my hair up because we're going to be doing a lot of walking around! I also love the way this top fits me. The last time I wore it, I had to wear a wasit cincher underneath it. But not now!

Outfit Deatils
Top: Pin Up Girl Clothing - Jeans: Levi - Shoes: Keds Spright Wedges in Tomato - Earrings: potato pearls, gift from Jason ♥ - Hair ribbon: white gift wrapping ribbon - Mani/pedi: OPI Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!

August 20, 2010

Cookies in bed

Jason and I love to eat upstairs. Actually, we love to eat anywhere but our kitchen table (ironic, isn't it since I put in so much work on it?)! The only thing about this habit is we tend to let the dishes pile up. When it's time to wash them, I grab a box and load them in to be carried downstairs. Well, the other morning while making breakfast (to be eaten upstairs) I thought, I wish I had a breakfast tray. I happened to see an old, extra large cookie sheet that my mom had just given me since it didn't fit in her oven. I grabbed it, planning to use it just as a make shift, but then I thought Why can't this be a breakfast tray?! And I set off to Home Depot. After breakfast that is.

I picked up four little American Country-style wooden legs, Rust-Oleum primer, Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint, and two little silver handles.

I removed the screws from the little legs (this can probably be done with almost any of the decorative wooden legs that Home Depot and Lowe's carry--just takes a good pair of pliers and some serious twisting).

Next I filled in the tops with some wood putty and once they were semi-dry, I gave them a quick sanding. I find it's easier to sand wood putty when it's still a little moist.

While the legs were drying, I took the cookie sheet out to my work table to give a good coat of primer. I was a little nervous since (like all cookie sheets) there was some built up grease that just would not come off.

But, good old Rust-Oleum didn't fail to deliver! The primer covered all of the grease stains with no problem whatsoever. As the primer was drying I started looking at the handles I'd picked out. Originally, they were purchased because of their shape and easy epoxability (ease and ability to to be epoxy'd--it's totally a word, I don't care what Blogger spell check says). I didn't care what color they were, since I was thinking of painting them either oil rubbed bronze or a flat black/wrought iron color. But the more I looked at them, the more I really started to like them.

It's a little hard to see, but they have this liiiiiittle hint of tarnish on them. And suddenly painting the tray to a perfect silvery mirror-like finish seemed all wrong. And you know how much I like tarnish these days. So I decided to top my primer with some Rust-Oleum espresso paint and give 'er the old Rub 'n Buff treatment.

I applied the handles using Gorilla Glue Epoxy. I probably won't carry the tray by them when it's full of dishes, but they add a certain charm!

I decided against using the wooden legs because it just looked awful once they were on! Like, ridiculously. I tore them off with the plan to saw them down, but for one: unless I wanted to saw for over an hour with my hand saw or, two: chop off a finger with my jigsaw since the legs aren't exactly stable, I decided against it.

And since it's going to be sitting mostly on chairs, beds, and perching on desk corners...perhaps it's best to let it stand alone--er--leave it as is! ;)

So there you have it! My new $6 breakfast tray! I can't wait to get it on our bed when the room is complete.

August 19, 2010

Little projects that make a big different

I recently had one of those great DIY days where you get a ton of little projects done that end up making a huge difference. At the end of it all your feet and hands are covered in spray paint, but those itty bitty accessories can make an entire room--or just a vignette--complete.

The first project I completed was a shelf for the wall unit in our living room. I had a make shift skinny piece of wood down, but I hated how puny it looked. The original shelf would work, but since I flipped the unit around, the shelf had to get the same treatment. Of course, this left a lot of raw edges. Thankfully, I still had some leftover wood trim so I ironed some on!

For some odd reason, when I flipped the shelf it didn't fit in the cubby the way it did before. It slid back and forth. So while a little on the ghetto MacGuyver side, I trimed off some cardboard and applied it using Liquid Nails. The thickness was perfect and the shelf fit nice and snug.

A couple coats of Rust-Oleum later, and this was one project I could cross off my "I-didn't-quite-finish-it" list.

Next, my grandma gave me this little utensil holder about a month ago. It was too cute to pass up, even though I didn't know what I was going to do with it. I decided that it would make a perfect bathroom caddy with a little reimagining and a coat of paint.

However, once the paint was one, I decided that I didn't really want to silver to be so "perfect." I wanted it to look a little more tarnished. So while the silver was still wet I grabbed a rag started blotting.

The results were perfect--er not so perfect and little tarnished looking.

I loaded it up with a mini-mason jar full of q-tips, lotion, wash cloths, and our toothbrushes and accessories.

I took a cue from House of Hepworths, and used a little spray paint on the bottles to spruce them up, make 'em match, and make 'em pop. The lotion bottle is an old Bath & Body Works bottle that I just refill with whatever lotion I'm using at the time. The other is a Listerine bottle that I refill with mouth wash whenever it gets empty.

So, there we go! Just a couple little projects that help polish off the big picture. Have any of my dear readers finished a few little projects that made a big difference? =D Share share!

August 17, 2010

Pub progress

Sometimes, I admit, I love making things myself, especially with my new(ish) sewing machine. I've made tons of pillows for this house, and am currently working on making bedding for our master bedroom, which is a great feat unto itself. So you can just imagine how psyched I was to have to make cushions for our outdoor furniture along with everything else I'm sewing (hint: not very).

Luckily, while out with Mom running her errands, we were walking down the aisles of Home Depot when our eyes alighted on their summer cushion clearance section. Right in the middle of the bunch were cushions made from my exact inspiration fabric for the pub, which was Solaruim Outdoor Canvas in Buena Onyx.

I swear the fabric isn't faded--it was so bright outside it looks over exposed.

At almost half the cost of one yard of fabric (not including filling or inserts), I snatched up four of them after verifying that they'd fit the benches. SIDE NOTE: Thank God for technology. I was able to use my Blackberry to see the plans here on my blog which had the measurements of each bench. It pays to publish! ;)

Mom and I also grabbed two pillows for the wicker chair which complimented the black and tans (my new name for the benches!) almost perfectly.

I still need a coffee table, but have decided to forego an outdoor rug (Mom pointed out that you wouldn't exactly find one laying around in a pub anyways). Then all that's left is a few accessories and our pub will be done!

August 13, 2010

Mad About Giveaways (Mine!)


Okay, so I've never asked any of my readers to do this before, but I need your help winning a contest! Yes, it's a little on the silly side, but the pay off for you is nice (and me too, who am I kidding?). Here's what's up.

I'm throwing my hat in the ring to win a walk-on role for AMC's "Mad Men!" You can check me out here! Naturally the selection process begins with viewers voting for their favorite. I think you know where I'm going with this...


Don't you want to vote for me??

What's in it for you? A prize! If you help me, I'll help you. Isn't that how the world works? For every vote you contribute, you'll receive an entry to win a $100 gift card to a retailer of your choice! It had been confirmed that you can vote more than once! So even if I don't win, you still do! Pick your poison: Home Depot? Banana Republic? ModCloth? Etsy? As long as I can buy a gift card to it, you can have it!

  • Contest Closes: September 6, 2010 at 11:59 pm (ET).
  • Who Can Enter: Anyone with a valid mailing address and a retailer who offers gift cards.
  • Prize: A $100(USD) gift card to the retailer of your choosing. If store is local (as in not local to San Diego County, CA, USA), their website must have a "purchase gift card" option with a $100 denomination choice.
  • How to Enter: Visit my photo on the AMC/BR Mad Men Casting Call website (click here or above) and click VOTE. Then come back here and let me know in the comments section that you voted. I am trusting everyone to be honest here! I will be able to tell if I only have 40 votes but 100 entries.
  • Winning: One (1) winner will be selected using on September 7, 2010.
  • Banana Republic, AMC, the "Mad Men" brand and all parent, subsidiary, and affiliate companies in no way have anything to do with, sponsor, or endorse this contest.

    Thanks in advance for humoring me,
    and good luck to all who enter!

    And, in case anyone out there is wondering...

    Outfit details: Dress: Banana Republic Outlet Store (bought back in 29 Palms, this is the first time I've worn it!) - Heels: Anne Klein - Vintage brooch: Etsy - Earrings: Potato pearls, gift from Jason ♥ - Nail polish: OPI Vodka & Caviar - Martini glass: gift from the "Sex and the City 2" premier

    Oh, and spread the word for me, will ya? ;)
  • August 12, 2010

    Lucy made me do it

    The other morning I was getting ready for yet another job interview, and I was "sweatin' like a whore in church" (to use a phrase from Joy Darville). I ran to open our bedroom windows, but thanks to the narrow hallway that leads to our bathroom, very little of the breeze was getting to me. "I needs me a fan!" I said to my sweating reflection (yes, just like that). So the next day I started my hunt.

    I wanted something that was at least retro looking, even if it wasn't really authentic vintage. I luvred this one that the Petersiks got for baby Clara's nursery. It's by Deco Breeze.

    Photo courtesy of Young House Love

    But after perusing Amazon and Google, I couldn't quite find this model, and I wasn't too keen on their others. So I started hunting on etsy, knowing that I would find at least one fan I would like. Little did I know, I found one that made my heart skip a beat.

    Not only did I pink puffy heart the color--it's the perfect shade of brown to break up all the chocolates going on between the bedroom and bathroom--but the brand, "Westinghouse," struck a little cord in me.

    While recently watching one of my "I Love Lucy" discs, there was a special featurette that Desi and Lucy had recorded for one of their sponsors: Westinghouse! The featurette is way too long to find on YouTube and post here, but I wanted you to see one of their old commercials.

    Check out that advanced "wireless remote director!"

    There were several other fans on etsy that I liked just as much, but I'd be totally lying if I said that the Westinghouse brand wasn't a selling point. ;) I can't wait to see how it looks in our bathroom--and I can't wait for my next hot shower so I can use this little baby!

    August 10, 2010

    U-G-L-Y but F-R-E-E

    I've been working my fingers off , trying to transform an old 80's brass lamp that my mother gave me for our master bedroom. Since we're still in a financial cul-de-sac (still dealing with an empty-not-selling-and-not-renting-house, plus I've applied for something like 35 jobs and have received 6 rejections so far), anything that I can get for free I'll take! Old crappy brassy lamp with a dirty shade and headed for the trash? GIMME!

    Of course I was so anxious to get the ugly out I forgot to take a before picture, but I managed to find its twin online. Now, I apologize if someone owns this same lamp and it's the pride and joy of your collection. But vintage Princess House is so not our style!

    Back in the early nineties, my mother, grandmother and aunties were serial party goers. And I mean Princess House, Party Lights, Avon, and Tupperware. I'm bummed to think of some of the other potential make-over worthy goodies I've missed out on over the years, but now at least the fams know to come to me with items they think are unsalvageable.

    Anyhoo, I laid on my Rub 'n Buff kind of thick, which I wish I hadn't because it didn't give me the same mercury glass affect as when I did my Pottery Barn knock-off lamp a few months ago (live and learn!). I used the shade from said lamp as well and gave the other a big frilly style one. So even though it's more solid silver than mottled silver, I still pink puffy heart it! For those who have yet to use R 'n B on on lamp, things such as the harp and light socket were actually spray painted with metallic spray paint. Rub 'n Buff doesn't stick to those kind of surfaces very well.

    As for all that great empty space in the center?

    Yes, those are coffee beans! I used flavored (and therefore, scented) coffee because that was all the commissary carried in the whole bean variety, but after about a full day or two the smell has disappeared (just in case you were wondering). And since the cost of the beans fit in so easily with our grocery shopping, I didn't really spend anything on this project (it took about 1.75 pounds of beans to fill it up). ;)

    I've yet to put it in the bedroom, as I'm still toying with our night stands (hence why it was photographed in the living room). But now I need to find something for Jason's side. I'm definitely going to stick to the silver/mercury glass finishes, but I need to find something more masculine for him. I'm loving this one from IKEA.

    It's their Åsele lamp and it's $60. It's not horribly priced, but back when I was making the budget for the master bedroom, I only gave myself a $75 allowance for the decor and accessories (who dropped the ball on that one?!). But I haven't seen anything that I like nearly as much as this one, and since Jason saw it, I think his little mind is wrapped around it too. So I might have to find room elsewhere to save a few bucks.

    In other master bedroom news, thanks to one of my remaining birthday gift cards, I have the base of my supplies for the headboard and I have a plan of attack for the materials that will help complete it. I think Mom and I might be going out tomorrow to accomplish some of that, so we'll see how it goes! :)

    I'm linking up to:
    Transformation Thursday @ The Shabby Chic Cottage

    UPDATE: I just got word that our house back east has been rented! Bummed that we weren't able to get rid of it, but that just took the lid off the pressure cooker we've been in. Now to find me a job!