August 12, 2010

Lucy made me do it

The other morning I was getting ready for yet another job interview, and I was "sweatin' like a whore in church" (to use a phrase from Joy Darville). I ran to open our bedroom windows, but thanks to the narrow hallway that leads to our bathroom, very little of the breeze was getting to me. "I needs me a fan!" I said to my sweating reflection (yes, just like that). So the next day I started my hunt.

I wanted something that was at least retro looking, even if it wasn't really authentic vintage. I luvred this one that the Petersiks got for baby Clara's nursery. It's by Deco Breeze.

Photo courtesy of Young House Love

But after perusing Amazon and Google, I couldn't quite find this model, and I wasn't too keen on their others. So I started hunting on etsy, knowing that I would find at least one fan I would like. Little did I know, I found one that made my heart skip a beat.

Not only did I pink puffy heart the color--it's the perfect shade of brown to break up all the chocolates going on between the bedroom and bathroom--but the brand, "Westinghouse," struck a little cord in me.

While recently watching one of my "I Love Lucy" discs, there was a special featurette that Desi and Lucy had recorded for one of their sponsors: Westinghouse! The featurette is way too long to find on YouTube and post here, but I wanted you to see one of their old commercials.

Check out that advanced "wireless remote director!"

There were several other fans on etsy that I liked just as much, but I'd be totally lying if I said that the Westinghouse brand wasn't a selling point. ;) I can't wait to see how it looks in our bathroom--and I can't wait for my next hot shower so I can use this little baby!


  1. two comments in one day? of course! I adore retro fans, and have seen quite a few locally at antique shops. The drawback - a few don't work... and the ones that do cost at least $150 and are maybe 12 inches tall - if that!

    I will have to check out etsy and see if I can be as lucky as you!

  2. @Sheena--I was impressed with etsy's prices on their vintage fans. Mine was under $40 and there were many in that range. Mine doesn't swivel, but that's not important since I just want it focused on me.


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