August 22, 2010

Homecoming: The Outfit (help!)

In case you haven't checked your calendar lately, we're nearly 80% done with Jason's deployment! (Cue the fireworks and patriotic music!) You've all been so wonderful getting me through this thing. Between the identity fraud and the lawyers, trying to sell our house and eventually putting it back up for rent, my job hunting, drama with so-called friends and the like, it's been a rough summer! However, there's always a silver lining in everything.

Yes, we're still dealing with the identity theft issues, but at least now we have a legal team on our side (we're gonna get you, you little bastard!). Our house never did sell, but we have a renter in it again who's busy making it her own (we just gave permission for her to paint the master bedroom). I finally found a wonderful job with fabulous hours and a great team to work with (hallelujah!). And I've learned that sometimes friends are just a reminder of your past that need to be remembered nostalgically. After all, a windshield is bigger than a review mirror for a reason: you're supposed to spend more time looking ahead of you than behind.

But enough of my pearls of "wisdom." Let's get to the fun stuff: the homecoming outfit!! I asked Jason what he would like me to wear and his answer (of course) was a trench coat, heels and lingerie! Well, I'm sure he and the rest of the unit wouldn't mind that, but I'm a bit more modest (but only a bit)! Besides, I have the other boys coming home too and they'll be getting lots of hugs as well.

So, to humor my husband but to be a little more people friendly, I started looking for trench style dresses. And I found a few others I liked along the way. Now I need your help! My readers have never steered my wrong in helping me pick out my outfits, especilly for my military events!

Work your magic readers!

Which dress would you choose if you were going to see
your husband for the first time in seven months??

All photos courtesy of ModCloth. I have not been compensated or paid to endorse this brand--I just love 'em! ;)


  1. Sorry, I wanted to add something! The Beach Picnic Dress is my fav! It reminds me of something off Pearl Harbor! So cute and vintage with a little military wife flair to it! Love it!!!

  2. I think the Beach Picnic Dress is definitely the most trenchcoaty one, and it's beautiful! So I would choose that one.
    And otherwise I like Home in the Hamptons, Ode to Joy and especially Salute to Style.
    I hope you find the perfect dress, but maybe you should try a few of them to see which one suits you best! :)

  3. I agree that I love the beach picnic dress. I don't know if the skirt really is THAT full, or if they have a crinoline underneath it. I love the simplicity of it, and the fact that it does look like a trench coat.

  4. I LOVE the Home in the Hamptons dress, but think you would also look STUNNING in the Silver & Bold!! Looks like a style that would really look lovely on you! :)

  5. Stephenie8/23/2010

    I'd say either soda fountain in grape (to bring out the highlights in your hair and eyes) or beach picnic dress with some boldly colored shoes and perhaps a vintage pin?

  6. I think the color saturation in the Ode to Joy dress is amazing. The wrap front with the ruffle brings the viewer's eye to key portions of your presentation without it looking cheap. I also like the silly name -- Ode to Joy - which makes me think very much that THAT is how you and your husband will feel at homecoming -- joyful!

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for featuring our dresses on your blog! This is a really tough choice! I really love the Break of Dawn Dress, don't worry its not named after the book, Breaking Dawn. :)

    Good luck deciding!

    Aire @ModCloth

  8. Thanks for reassuring me Aire! :) I thought someone just had Twilight on the brain, or it was designed by a Twi-hard.

    And as I said, I just love your guys' clothes, so I'm happy to post about them!

  9. Elizabeth T.8/24/2010

    I have to say the Beach Picnic dress. It seems like a more regal version of the Break of Dawn dress. And I agree that it resembles that trench coat your husband wanted you to wear! ;)

  10. To me, the first two don't seem "special" enough for an event like this. The Break of Dawn is nice, but the beach dress seems like a better quality. The two pencil dresses don't seem like they'd be good for running and jumping on your hubby in (I'm imagining it's somewhat like the moves, right?). And I do like the Beach dress, but the blue of the Ode to Joy is gorgeous!! It would look so pretty on you! And I like what someone else said about "joy" being how your hubby will feel when he sees you. :D

  11. Silver and Bold is my favorite! I think you would look stunning in it!

  12. Hi pumpkin, it's your mother. I like the grape and lemon dresses. The lemon is my favorite, very fun! I know Mr. Monkey will love you in anything you choose though.
    Olive juice. Mom.

  13. Anonymous8/31/2010

    I guess I'm an odd one out because I really think the Soda Fountain dress is cute.

  14. Amanda8/31/2010

    Nope, I'm with Anonymus! I love that little soda dress. Kinda vintage which I know you also like. That's got my vote too!

    PS: So cute that your mom voted too! :)

  15. Anonymous9/02/2010

    I like the first one. That purple is very pretty!

  16. Anonymous9/06/2010

    Go with the turquoise one! That color would look great on you!

  17. I agree, Ode to Joy. But if you could buy that one and maybe a second place one- don't know what's higher right now the picnic dress or the purple dress- and maybe choose that way. See what looks best on you. But yea, i vote for the ode to Joy. Love that color!!!!!!


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