August 17, 2010

Pub progress

Sometimes, I admit, I love making things myself, especially with my new(ish) sewing machine. I've made tons of pillows for this house, and am currently working on making bedding for our master bedroom, which is a great feat unto itself. So you can just imagine how psyched I was to have to make cushions for our outdoor furniture along with everything else I'm sewing (hint: not very).

Luckily, while out with Mom running her errands, we were walking down the aisles of Home Depot when our eyes alighted on their summer cushion clearance section. Right in the middle of the bunch were cushions made from my exact inspiration fabric for the pub, which was Solaruim Outdoor Canvas in Buena Onyx.

I swear the fabric isn't faded--it was so bright outside it looks over exposed.

At almost half the cost of one yard of fabric (not including filling or inserts), I snatched up four of them after verifying that they'd fit the benches. SIDE NOTE: Thank God for technology. I was able to use my Blackberry to see the plans here on my blog which had the measurements of each bench. It pays to publish! ;)

Mom and I also grabbed two pillows for the wicker chair which complimented the black and tans (my new name for the benches!) almost perfectly.

I still need a coffee table, but have decided to forego an outdoor rug (Mom pointed out that you wouldn't exactly find one laying around in a pub anyways). Then all that's left is a few accessories and our pub will be done!


  1. I guess with all of my comments as of late, I am no longer consider a lurker of your blog... :) I love the outdoor cushions/pillows, mainly because I can rip them apart and use the fabric to make my own cushions. I covered all of my kitchen chairs with the fabric from outdoor pillows from home depot. The fabric won't fade and is liquid/stain resistant - who wouldn't want that as a kitchen fabric? So I totally approve of your cushions!

    I can hardly wait to see the finished pub! Oh - did I tell you that you remind me so much of my best friend? You have so many things in common (at least that I can get from your blog) so I think that is why I am so drawn to your blog! Oh - and I have been reading the stories on your other blog! You are a great writer!

  2. I love having a lurker--er--new friend! ;)

    Glad you like everything you're seeing and reading Sheena!


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