April 5, 2010

the guest bedroom: the plan

I'm really looking forward to the guest bedroom revamp. Not only will people have a real place to stay when they come and visit, but it will also be the last of my home revamps for a little while. I want to focus on stashing away some money so that Jason and I can take some well deserved vacations when he gets home. There are also other things we want before we tackle the master bedroom and bathroom (like patio furniture).

In the meantime though, this is my plan:

It may look a little sparse, but it's because of this:

See? Now it looks squished! That's because the daybed that we want from IKEA has a pullout bed. It instantly turns from a twin into a double for the rare occasion that couples stay the night (like grandma and grandpa).

My inspiration was this pillow I purchsed from Pottery Barn on clearence some months back. It was inteded first for the living room, then the master bedroom, but now it will end up in the guest room. The yellows and greens will play off the light in this room beautifully.

Add in some yellow curtains, a chair leftover from my dinning room project (one of the original white chairs) with a little yellow lumbar pillow, a rattan ottoman, and a dresser (that I'd love to paint a pretty leaf or apple green). I also plan on finding some vintage prints to frame for the walls. This one is my current favorite, from The Graphics Fairy.

This is my planned budget:
Daybed - $400
Matresses - $300
Dresser - $75
Night stand - $50
Chair - $0
Ottoman - $50
Lumbar pillow - $12
Fabric - $25
Curtains - $25
Bed pillows - $25
Comforter - $0
Bedding - $36
Decor/Misc. - $50
Total: $1048 (we'll call it $1050)

It seems like a lot (because it is) but because I'm buying a bed, two matresses, and two sets of bedding, I'm really going to have to get thrifty in other places!

But, first things first: I still have to clear the room out!


  1. I happened to stumble on your site and just wanted to say I have the daybed in white and love it! I have a night table next to it when sleeping alone that I can put out of the way when I have to double the bed up.
    My only advice is to store lightweight objects in the drawers (for example, linen and towels for your guests!) because otherwise it might become too heavy and the wheels might damage the floor when sliding it open (it did in my previous apartment!). I just switched apartments and the owner of the new one asked to put some protection underneath.

  2. Thanks for the advice! We're also going to get the white one (the black one is the only one IKEA shows extended). Did you have hardwood floors in your old apartment? Our guest room is carpet. Hopefully we won't wear the rug out! Of course, I only plan on letting people put their clothes in there and hopefully no one has "heavy" clothes!

  3. Hi Amber,
    Since I'm living in an apartment for students, the flooring is quite cheap, vinyl. That makes it more prone to damage of course :)
    The wheels made marks on my floor, but the marks faded away everytime I pushed the bed back in. So I suppose that all it could do to your rug is make some of the hairs (do you call it that) stand in another direction, but I suppose that is easy to solve. Letting your guests put their clothes in there is such a great idea! I'll keep that in mind, since I'm planning to use the bed for guests too in a few years.

  4. I have to say that I am impressed and in awe that this is the same Amber I lived with in NC! You have turned into a very handy, thrifty girl! Love ya and miss ya Twink!!

  5. @Holly--I know! I've changed quite a bit with my handman--er--woman skills haven't I? Jason actually bought me a tool box for all my tools. Of course, it was second hand because he knows I'll just want to paint it and crafty it up! ;)


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