April 10, 2010

i'm still here!

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth--although my body would sure like to! All day Thursday Mom and I schlepped up and down our stairs lugging boxes, trash bags, and donation bags to the garage. Who knew one little room could hold so much crap?! But it was finished by Thursday night and on Friday morning, I woke up to the gorgeous light streaming in through the open blinds.

(Note to self: tear off tags before shooting pictures of the blinds.)

Amazing how much bigger a room can look when you can actually walk into it. I mean, once we were in there, it seemed to go (somewhat) quickly. Of course every photo album Mom and I came across had to be looked at, giggled over (oh God was I a child of the eighties!), and reminisced about, so I'm sure that tacked on a hour or so here and there. I just can't believe how much stuff was crammed into this little space! I thought I was getting better at preventing our "pack rat" tendencies.

Let's just say I'm not so smug now.

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