April 30, 2010

Honey-Do Friday, episode 7: Recap

Wow! What a week it's been! I just realized that I posted nearly every day! I like weeks like this--they make the deployment go faster (cannot even begin to describe how happy I am that tomorrow is May). Before we all jump into our weekends, I want to do a quick recap in case you may have missed anything this week!

First we had a special visitor in my first ever blog swap. Sophia from PinkieLarue guest posts about her road trip all over the North East and Canada! Check it out in Tuesday's post.

I completed Project: Copycat, coming in $45 under my inspirational piece. It's now hanging out in my soon-to-be-finished guest room. See how I did it in Wednesday's post.

Kylie dropped me a letter asking about how I got started decorating, how I found my style, and some tips and pointers on how she could get started in her own home. See the novel I responded with in Thursday's post.

- Tidy up for house guest (my friend Katie)

- Katie's birthday dinner

- Paint picture frames for master bedroom (more on these Monday)

- Print photos (also for master bedroom)

- Paint curtain rods and brackets

- Hang curtains

- Return item to Overstock.com

- Return "wrong" curtain to JC Penney

- Purchase new pillow cases at Target

- Hit ESW for side table lamp

It's going to be a busy weekend. Busy is good though! The busier I stay, the faster time goes, and the sooner Jason will be home. Before I jet off though, here's an ode to the final day of April.

"Here the first daisies break free from the sod,
Stars looking up with their first glance to God!
Here, ere the first days of April are done,
Stand the swart cherry trees robed with the sun;
In the deep woodland the windflowers blow;
Where young grass is springing, the crocuses glow,
Down the green glen is the primrose's light,
Soft shines the hawthorn's raiment of white;
Round the rough knees of the crabtree a ring
Of daffodils dance for joy of the spring..."
~ Rose Kavanagh

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