October 17, 2010

Off the grid

Home, safe and sound. All of them. ♥


  1. LOVE! Enjoy your husband! :)

  2. I am so glad that they are home safe.

  3. Anonymous10/18/2010

    That first pic is so powerful!

  4. Glad to hear that your honey is home safe and sound! I love that first pic!!! I have to ask, how did you get someone to take that pic for you?? I noticed that this isn't the first time you were able to get someone to take a homecoming pic for you. I'm a military spouse myself, and all the wives are too busy looking for their own hubbies to take "first hug/kiss" pics for each other!

  5. @Crystal--I have been fortunate on that front! Jason first deployment & homecoming, another wife took them for me. Her husband was slated to come back in the wave ater Jason's (Jason was Main Body). I returned the favor a few weeks later and took her pictures. This time around, being in California (and only 30 minutes from my hometown), my dad came out and braved the 2 a.m. arrival time for us! I know some people use Op: Love, but I did NOT have a good experience with their photographers.


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