October 15, 2008

my scarlett letter is e...

In the iconic book "The Scarlett Letter," Hester Prynne is defined by her inappropriately beautiful "A" stitched into her clothing. It was her identity throughout the novel and not once did she question it.

I swear, day in, day out, I suffer from an identity crisis. I look in the mirror every morning and wonder, "Who am I today?" The vintage starlet with dark wavy locks and red lipstick? An ultra-chic fashionista with glossy straight hair and designer labels? A natural Southern beauty with only a bit of make-up to show that she is simple and demure? Or a feisty Irish lass with wild tresses, bold eye make-up and a taste for trouble? In truth, I am all of them.

I see people who are able to define themselves with one word, one style, one brand, one label (as in, "surfer," not "Dior"). Sometimes I envy them, and other times I think how sad. To have only one dimension to yourself? Maybe it makes day-to-day decisions easier, but where's the fun in life? Where's the knowledge that wherever you go you can choose to blend in or stand out?

Take my friend Anna:

Gorgeous, isn't she? And what a chameleon. On the left is a picture of Anna and her family on a recent trip to New York. On the right, the same trip. How's that for versatility? In one she's elegant, simple, and very lady-like. In the other, she seems like an extra from a modern day version of "Singing in the Rain" or "Newsies" (if Newsies had girls in it). I love her ability to mix and match her feelings and her styles. They seem to embody her as an artist (she's a dancer) and they let her run with wild abandon.

While I can identify with all my loves (vintage, Irish, high fashion, and the quintessential stay-at-home-wife-and-mother) I can't honestly say that any of them defines me as a person. I have a love for burlesque, small towns, big cities, the ocean, shopping malls, aged bookstores, and cafes as well. But none of them defines me.

Perhaps life should be lived embracing all your different sides, characters, and passions. Maybe that's what's so wonderful about our society; that we can be anyone we want to be any day of the week.

My scarlet letter is "E." For if I have to define myself in one word, it's Eclectic.

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