October 28, 2008


I forget that if you're not into the whole "vintage era" people tend to look at you differently. Especially when you live in a small Southern town. I wore my red "Marilyn Monroe" lipstick into work yesterday and all my co-workers kept asking me if I'd forgotten to wash off my Halloween make-up! Haters!

I'm trying a different shade today--not because of what they said, but because I'm still trying to find the perfect every-day-wear red lipstick. I can't wait to get back out to California. No one even gives you a second glance if you're wearing something different. Plus, from the blogs and websites I've been visiting recently, I've found a lot of happenings in Los Angeles and even Phoenix, AZ.

By the way: I've found my most favorite and perfect shade of red nail polish! OPI's "Chick Flick Cherry." And what a surprise, it's from their "Classic Hollywood Collection."

(I don't think the picture does it justice; it's the color on my finger nails in my Halloween pictures.)

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