October 10, 2008

well put together

I long for the days when a woman walked out of the house completely put together from head to toe. Her new hat that she'd just bought, her dainty little gloves, a tiny matching purse, and chic little heels, all accessorizing a beautiful dress that made her waist looked nipped in, and cascaded into a full skirt. Her hair was done, her make-up applied, and she was a lady.

God how I miss hats with bird cage veils attached to them, or little pearls sewn painstakingly with love. Even the horrendous catastrophes of those made with little birds and high piles of lace. My grandmother had a huge collection of them and I used to love trying them on with whatever outfit I'd pulled from her closet.

(Warning: gross generalization coming!) Living in the South, I've seen more women who walk out of the house in old stained sweats, slippers, and faded t-shirts that should have been tossed out with their acid washed jeans! But then, on occasion I see the older ladies who never go out without their lipstick, still dab themselves with their opium perfume, and make sure they see the inside of their beauty parlor twice a month. You can't help but long for the times when these women were at the height of sophistication, and a lady still looked, dressed, and acted, like a lady.

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