November 4, 2008

ah, sweet shoes, how i love thee

Admittedly, the Marine Corps Ball crept up on me this year. It's hard to remember about a dance when you're worried about moving cross country (yet again), renting out your house (after a failed attempt to sell it), and getting so excited about your trip and all the sights you're going to see that you can barely stand to work another day! And of course, one of the things I had neglected to think about was dancing shoes!

The trouble was, I couldn't buy just any old dancing shoes for my vintage-red-satin-halter-swing-dress. They had to match! You can't wear cowboy boots with a salsa dress, can you? Hubby and I spent Sunday afternoon at a local big-chain shoe store, and within about 15 minutes, I had assessed the one and only aisle of dancing shoes, and the only pair that I remotely liked was $40. Really not a bad price, but if I wasn't in love with them? Forget it.

Feeling dejected, we left. I think Jason was more concerned about me buying shoes than I was because I just wanted to go home. I looked up and right next door was TJ Maxx. Now, I will admit that I often have zero luck finding clothes in these stores. But, wanting to appease my husband, we went in.

Within about 2 seconds, my eyes alighted on these Anne Klein heels and I was in love! They were black (the exact color I wanted), vintage looking, two-and-a-half inch heels (which means I can wear them at work as well), and a size seven! My size!! It was so mean to be. And the price tag? $35 marked down from $80!!

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