November 9, 2008


Ack! How could I have forgotten?! I've been shopping!

Being a military wife, our life is a constant budget. But once in a while, my husband allows me to divulge in my need to spend. I spent Friday morning shopping online in the comfort of my pajamas. Here's what I bought:

Have you visited The Vermont Country Store yet? If not, you have to for a little giggle at least! I stumbled upon this website by accident and spent a wonderful afternoon laughing at some of the memories it brought back. But my most favorite section is their Apothecary section, which has all the old brands of perfume, make-up, and every other bath-related item you can think of. I bought some of the Airspun Powder, since my trusty compact was dropped and shattered into about a million pieces. I swear I can remember seeing this little cardboard round sitting on my grandmother's sink.

Next, I had to buy my new signature color, Chick Flick Cherry. I hopped onto Amazon for that, since my search of the local stores left me exhausted and empty handed. If I could only find the matching lip color I think I'd be set, but the Internet is yielding me no results in finding that!

Lastly--has anyone ever truly looked to see what women in the forties wore when it was cold outside? I think they still mostly wore dresses! Just paired it with heavy tights and fur coats! It's very hard to find a woman in pants! That in turn leaves it difficult to find vintage looking pants. One of the sights I love, ReVamp, has some great outfits and it was there I discovered navy pants--seen below in this adorable ensemble.

But their price tags conflict with my budget lifestyle (the slacks alone are $125). So I headed over to my go-to store for vintage clothing (Pin-Up Girl Clothing--also where I bought my ball gown from). They too had navy pants, but they ran at the mind boggling price of $198! Feeling sick with want, I decided to leave it to Google to find me something equally cute with a less than "my-husband-would-kill-me-if-I-paid-that-much-for-this" price tag. And, voila!

On clearance for $30 at American Eagle, navy jeans! Now as we trek through Tennessee and Arizona this December on our trip, I'll be able to keep warm and still keep that bit of vintage flair with me!

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