March 9, 2009


Seriously? Like the last three days our doorbell has rung non-stop. And it's not even the good kind of ringing from the post office or UPS delivering our vintage goodies and baseball cards. Oh no! I think we've been invited to every church in the high desert--twice! It was like they all woke up and said, "Hey let's go out a see who can annoy our neighbors the most!" And what really stinks, is this wouldn't be happening if we lived inside the apartment complex. Our apartment is technically on the outside portion of the street, so they haven't crossed on to "private property." I just got off the phone with our land lady and she has given me a green light to hang the adorable (retro-styled) "No Soliciting" sign on our front door (by the way, the website is so cool!). Who so dares to knock once that sign is up will feel my wrath!

Me and Jesus have our own way of working, thanks.


  1. would be quite tempted to feed them hash cookies or something...

    nobody ever comes by our house (or at leastnot when I'm at home)...not even the postie, darn guy makes me go to the post office because he's too lazy to ring our buzzer....

  2. Don't be surprised if you still get callers even with your sign. Many people think those signs don't apply to them and ring the bell anyway. *sighs*

  3. Elise: Might you have a recipe?? ;0)

    Hairball: Oh! Oh! I already have a plan for that scenario. Rude as it may sound I plan to say, "Excuse me? Can you read?" When they say yes, I'm shuting the door in their face! I'm such a Scrooge when it comes to door-to-door sales.

  4. would you like to borrow a German Shepherd for a few days? ;-)


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