March 3, 2009

outfit: tax day's looking like we owe. Hubbs is furious. I'm complacent. I'm not going to bore you with the details, suffice to say we're now hunting down every scrap of paper that we can find so we can itemize and bring the number down to a non-stinging amount. He has informed me that I am "never working again." We would have received a nice refund without my W-4s. ::shrugs:: What can you do?

We did come home and do some retail therapy though. I know what you're thinking: spending was at a halt. Okay, side note: Layne, my favorite person in the whole world, once said to me (we were talking about our cash drawers balancing at the bank): "It's all a matter of perception. When you start the night missing $500, and finish only missing $10, you're happy to accept that $10 loss!" Her philosophy works on so many levels. One day, we thought we owed the IRS over $2,000. The next, we owe them $500. Now, with the itemizing we're doing it's looking more like $300. I'm much happier with that figure than I was before!

So Hubbs got (wait for it...) baseball cards, and I was rewarded with this beauty:

It's a 1960's day dress from Etsy, and I've had my eye on it for a while. At only $22, it was a complete bargain! And it's so pretty and floaty, it just makes me think of summer! Today was one of the first days we finally hit the high eighties and it felt so good to be outside. It brought to mind images of lemonade and afternoons spent watching the clouds blow by. The breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, the bells were ringing--I felt like I was in a musical! I'd even donned my best "a-lady-does-her-taxes" outfit. And what exactly does a lady wear to do her taxes? Anything that keeps her from sweating!

White blouse from The Gap, linen capri pants from Maurice's, cherry cha-cha shoes by TUK, flower pearls from Claire's, pearl earrings from personal collection.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this outfit. The shirt is very lightweight and comfortable and there's something "sweet" about it. The capri's and shoes have been featured in other outfits as I'm trying my hardest to mix-and-match most of my wardrobe. When it comes to separates I'm trying to make most items do double duty. Although I have to start relaying this concept to my accessories as well. I don't have a pair of plain white shoes (am thinking I'd like some Mary Jane's or T-straps), nor do I have a simple white purse (and how many times could those items do double duty?!). So, after the dust settles and the IRS is out of my hair, I'm hoping I can start polishing my wardrobe. In the meantime, I'm just happy I don't have to hawk all of our belongings to pay our tax bill!


  1. I like your attitude! Tax time is never much fun unless you can be sure of a refund.

    I love your new Etsy dress. Unfortunately the Aussie dollar is preventing me from hunting and gathering from that particular site at the moment. I thought the cute white shoes from your tax outfit would go nicely with it too.

  2. The only thing about those shoes is the minute cherry print on them. They look fine when paired with outfits of solid colors, but to add them with another pattern I'm afraid would be disastrous!

  3. I love the pearls in your hair! I have long hair too, and I love seeing updos accented with pretty hair accessories.

    I've been putting off doing our taxes. Those years where you live in more than one state are always so much fun at tax time. *grumble*

  4. 80s? 80s?

    Last night it was 1. Degree, that is.

    I am SO looking forward to spring. I would be happy with 40s...

  5. Hairball: that's one of the reasons Hubbs has said he doesn't want me working in other states anymore. The different tax laws are confusing and ridiculous!

    Roxanne: buuuurrrr! 1 degrees! Even in North Carolina the lowest we had was only about 20! Although at the Grand Canyon coming cross country we did hit -7...


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