February 18, 2010

not-so-busy work

Don't you hate when your project has to come to a screeching halt because of tiny little set backs? Like Home Depot not carrying bead board wall paper in-store, but online only? Arg. It's not so much the online part that bothers me, it's having to pay for shipping when driving to the store is so much more convenient.

I did get my cube backs though! And if you ever happen to need wood for a project (and you're not picky about what you're getting) the scrap department is a great place to start! I told the lumber man that I was going to need a six-foot by four-foot piece of plywood to create my backing, and showed him my crudely drawn layout of what size cuts I would need (six in all). Our Home Depot doesn't charge for cuts, although I know some out there charge after the first one or two. He was so patient with me, especially since my cuts were odd ball sizes. I walked away with $25 worth of plywood for only $3.06! Can't beat that with a stick!

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