February 4, 2010

you-pick pillows

We're getting ready to take a little vacay to one of our favorite places: Las Vegas! You know we had such a great time last year we decided to go for an entire week this time around.

I was trying to cram a week's worth of work into a few days and whip up some posts to keep everyone busy while we were away. But the need to pack took over the need to add trim to our big hulking wall unit, and the filler posts were feeling empty, forced, and sub-par for the wittiness that is my blog. ;) I'm too excited here folks! We have tickets to see three shows while we're there! Not to mention reservations at a fabulous restaurant and all sorts of plans for shenanigans (and spas...mmm...spaaaaaaaaaas...).

However, this morning Jason notified me that our new pillow inserts will be arriving from eBay soon! I'm so excited! I'm also so happy that I went the eBay route, because through places like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs I was going to rack up a $70+ bill on just three pillows alone--and I'm in need of six! Once they get here and I can thoroughly inspect their quality, I'll be happy to share my supplier with you all. :) In the meantime, you can help me decide on a design for my lumbar pillow.

Design #1:

or Design #2:

(Love this font? Find it and download it for free here.)

The only difference is the little lines under the "o," but I can't decide which I like better. The pillows will have simple burlap covers. And the significance of "No. 19:" we were married on the 19th of February. ;) You'll be seeing a lot of 19s popping up here and there in the future.

So cast your vote, pray we don't go bankrupt in Vegas (not! we're so not gamblers), and I'll see you all next weekend!


  1. I like design #2 better :)

    HAVE FUN IN VEGAS! We were there for a long weekend in January, and it was such a great escape! I didn't get to go to any spas, though. Lucky you!

  2. i like #2 as well... have a great break!

  3. I think design #2, although I understand how hard it is, I kept going back and forth! May I ask if you will do a tutorial once you make the pillows? I have no idea how to use that font once I download it, nor how to print it on fabric! Thanks!

  4. My pick would be design #1 the whole way!


  5. I prefer design #1 myself - the straight lines are a nice design contrast to the curves in the font.

    Have fun in Vegas! I haven't been (as an adult), I definitely need to make a trip out there.

  6. @Kalee--I will totally do a tutorial! And downloading the font is really easy. Google can probably explain it better than I can, but it just take a little knowledge of your computer folders. Don't be intimidated! ;)

  7. Anonymous2/13/2010

    I like both designs, but I also have to say #1. The curvy lines under the o are a little too much in the second one.

    ~ Kari


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