September 3, 2009


Chaos. Utter chaos. I swear, I'll die a young death because of the military! The housing debacle we're caught up in is so mind boggling and stupid, I just want to grab everyone who works for them and choke them until they're blue in the face!

There's a huge mess with our moving. Our current housing office says we can live here until Camp Pendleton has a home for us. But Camp Pendleton says they won't know if they'll have a home for us until we check in. But if we check in there, it means checking out here! It's just a huge mess. Like the old "Who's on First?" gag, only this is much less funny. I can't roll my eyes far enough into the back of my head at the idiocy of it all.

But, there's always a silver lining on every dark cloud. And our cloud happens to have two silver linings: Oregon & San Francisco. My grandmother and I have been calling each other back and forth with a mad fervor coordinating flights, rides to and from the airport, hotel recommendations, the whole shebang! (And she says everyone up north is absolutely twitterpated that Jason and I are coming up!) She and my grandfather were trying to talking us into staying longer than the seven days we have planned and we were almost on the cusp of agreeing until we remembered San Francisco! A mere two days after we return home from Oregon, we'll fly right back up the coast for a few days!

(Fall in Oregon) Photo: Forbes Traveler

I'm getting so excited--this is the life I've always wanted to live. Jetting off to different cities, being so busy you feel like your head's going to explode, and being so exhausted you're absolutely giddy. The only part that sweetens the whole deal is the man I get to travel with. I know, sappy. Don't be jealous. :)

(Cool and nippy November in San Francisco) Photo: Brisbane Times


  1. Hi - just discovered your blog and love it - keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Joanne! Welcome to my blog and thanks for the encouragement! It's always wonderful to know that others find you relevant! ;)

  3. I'm in the military and I have to say the only way to get any answers out of those icky people is to bug the hell out of them. Call call call and call again and tell them you want an's a huge pain I know. Good luck!


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