September 21, 2009

sinful vices

Do you have one of those decadent passions? One of those truly naughty, and even bad for you, temptations? Maybe it's buying a really expensive pair of shoes, even though you know you can't afford it. Maybe it's walking through an old bookshop, inhaling the fragrance of old texts. Maybe it's something as simple as smoking that forbidden cigarette that everyone thought you'd given up. For me, it's a large steaming mug of decaffeinated coffee and three day old Entenmanns glazed donuts. And yes, the donuts must be several days old. It gives the glaze a nice satisfying crunch and makes for a tasty donut when dipped into my coffee. Fortunately, for my hips and hind quarters, it's very rare when I get to enjoy these decadent treats together.

What are your sinful vices?

I'm appreciating these small delights more and more lately, as our days are filled with packing from morning 'til night. Aside from small breaks for meals and naps we stay busy. Most of the rooms in our house are packed, aside from our bedroom and the kitchen, but even those will begin seeing boxes this week. I can't believe by this time next Monday, Jason will be graduating and we'll be just mere hours away from hitting the road! I'm very ready to be done with this move and settled again.

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  1. In a word: chocolate. It can be white, dark, or milk; hazelnut, mint, anything. It can be in a milkshake, in a bar, in ice cream, or in a nice Belgian loaf (this morning's breakfast.) :P Though, I do believe I consume chocolate too much to be considered a vice...

    I've just gotten myself in the mood for hot chocolate!


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