September 18, 2009


I've been waiting to share this with my readers for almost a week now and I've been going crazy keeping it bottled up! The morning of my parents' 50th birthday party, I stole away for a few hours and had head shots done. Real live honest to goodness head shots! I was fortunate enough to work with the talented and wonderful Pris at You Say Cheese; she chose a beautiful setting for the shoot and I've since said I'd like to go back and do a nice cheesecake session since the area is mostly restored vintage houses and corner stores that the city has moved into one area.

Today I got my first peek at the photos. None of them have been edited or enhanced; I have to choose about 20-30 that I want to use for my portfolio, and then Pris will do the retouching. She took almost 230 pictures last Saturday, which is why she's letting me choose. Here's just one of the many shots we got (those roses were so fragrant, I could have stood there and sniffed all day).


  1. You look gorgeous! You've got a lovely, natural smile.
    And it must have been so much fun ;)
    I think you'd look amazing as a cheesecake pinup! xxx

  2. What a beautiful photo! I agree, that is a lovely, natural smile. I can't see anything that needs retouching.

    The restored houses and corner stores sound great for pin-up shots. Are you thinking of doing them very soon?

  3. Thanks ladies!

    @Laura--I think I may wait until after the holidays and until it warms up again. My photographer will be traveling abroad and with everything going on in the last half of the year for us, it may be a bit crazy. Besides, I want to show off some cute sundresses! new coat would make for a very pretty outfit as well...hmm...


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