September 4, 2009

a finishing school event

Ladies, if you're in the Los Angeles/California area and you'd like to go to an adult finishing school--speak up! I'm in contact with Ms. Deborah King of Final Touch Finishing School, which is located in both Washington (state) and Texas. She's said that they'd be able to organize a class in Los Angeles if there was a group interested in attending. I've been talking to her about the "Ladies Only" workshop which includes*:

- Posture & visual poise
- Understanding your body type
- Wardrobing
- Wardrobe Building
- Closet Audit
- Personal Shopping
- Personal Coaching
- Building a strong self-esteem
- Developing and maintaining a positive attitude
- Basics of a great complexion
- Makeup techniques and color
- Manicure & hair care
- Photo shoot techniques
- Nutrition

*I'm not sure if all these workshops are included in one day's event.

We've only sent one e-mail back and forth, so dates, prices, and the rest of the lot would be forthcoming. Right now I'm just trying to garnish interest so I can pass it along to Ms. King. Please note that we probably won't be learning how to roll victory rolls, or pin curls; I do think that the basics are similar to what would have been taught to girls in finishing schools back in the forties and fifties (or when ever it was most common to go to charm school). If enough of us in attendance are vintage enthusiasts, however, we can always ask that they might keep this in mind and don't teach us the great benefits of flat irons!

If you would be interested in attending, please leave me a comment in this post, e-mail me at, or if you're a member of The Fedora Lounge, you can find the thread in The Powder Room and leave your comments there.

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  1. I saw your post about this on the Fedora Lounge and thought it sounded so neat -- I'd love to go to a finishing school! Too bad I live nowhere near LA, as I'd be definitely be up for it if I did.


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