October 18, 2009

bed bath & "beyond"

Today we learned what the "Beyond" stands for. And no, it's not where you get a remote that lets you control life like a DVD, Adam Sandler. It stands for their "Beyond Store" online, a.k.a. when an associate orders an item for you because the actual store is out! We cleaned them out of Pinpoint 360-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets by Wamsutta. But of course, I needed one more pack. The girl who helped us was very sweet and didn't even ask the crazy couple in front of her why on Earth anyone needed five packs of flat twin sheets. :) Oh, there's a reason. But you'll have to wait to find out what it is.

We also managed to pick up some place mats for Thanksgiving dinner for only $1.99 a piece (I chose a really pretty orange color that reminded me of pumpkin pie), some new dish towels for our kitchen, a new oven mit, and a new dish washing brush (it's one of those super fun ones that holds the soap in the handle and has a little button you can push to release some suds. What? If I have to do dishes I'm going to get all the fun out of it I can!). Add in our five packs of sheets (only $10 each) and we were ready to go.

Our bill rang up to $104 and some change, which wouldn't have been bad in itself since we were buying so many things of sheets. But ah! I whipped out a stack of 15 20% coupons (gotta love the fact that Bed Bath & Beyond accepts expired coupons) which brought our total down to a whopping $84!! WHOO-HOO!

Stay tuned for the skinny on the sheets!

PS: The pumpkin patch with our friends, and the BBQ with my aunt and uncle were both a ton of fun! We made piggies of ourselves and bought a pound and a half of fudge, followed by chowing down on some scrumptious dinner with our family. A truly great (but very exhausting) day!

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  1. Atta girl! I've done the sheet curtains many a time.
    Gotta love BB&B too, they are so helpful and easy to work with.
    They look great!

    Love the red letter holder~


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