October 23, 2009

Amber's travel tips

Aka: The Things I've Learned:

1. If you can, carry on! Most towns nowadays have Wal-Marts, which makes getting your (mini)essentials that much easier, and less of a hassle to travel with. If you're like me however and need certain brands or items, pick up a handy-dandy airplane bag. You know just how much you're allowed to pack. Be sure to check your local TSA website for update rules and regulations.

2. Always read your labels! Last night I was purchasing some contact solution for the trip and a bunch of the boxes had little airplane icons on them. However, they were four fluid ounces each. To my knowledge, the limit is still three in the U.S.

3. Empty containers are great. I pack my cold cream, facial exfoliate, and sometimes even lotions or oils in the empty containers they carry in the mini-aisles. Until they make travel-sized cold cream or apricot scrub, this is the only way to keep my face looking pretty on a trip.

4. If you have hotel reservations, car rentals, or anything of the sort, print out your confirmation pages. I can't tell you how many times Jason and I have shown up, only to be told there's no reservation under our name. Because we had proof they were required to find a room for us--and sometimes we were even given better suites because of it.

5. Eye drops, Dramamine, gum, and water are essential in airplane travel. And if you can get a glass of Airborne down as well, more power to you! Eye drops are great for re-hydrating and whitening your peepers; Dramamine is great for fighting off air-sickness (if you're prone like I am); gum and water are great ways to get your ears to pop on ascent and descent--as well as tipping your head back. I don't know why it works, but it does.

6. Have fun! Sometimes it's the journey, sometimes it's the destination--and sometimes it's just getting to travel with a really hot companion (Jason♥). But the most important thing about traveling is to make the best of everything and enjoy yourself!

See you in a week!

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  1. Good tips! I am about to go off on holiday so I will be needing them!


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