October 22, 2009

need your opinions dear readers

So we take off Saturday morning and I am having a hell of a time figuring out what to wear on the plane! We all know there's that unspoken "rule" about airplane-chic, but we also know that nowadays an ensemble has to be security gate friendly as well. Thankfully, we're only in for a two hour flight which makes the ability to wear something a little more chic and not have to worry about much discomfort.

I had been planning on wearing my grey jacket with grey tights and black shoes for the flight. However, the shoes have buckles on them which makes for a struggle to take them on and off to walk through security. The whole jacket-dress combo may confuse the security guards and the last thing I want to do is have to flash a Travel Security Agent or be taken off to some little room because I refuse to remove my jacket (which is actually being worn as a dress). Plus, I wear a vintage brooch on the lapel and that's sure to set off alarms unless I unfasten it and send it through the x-ray machine. Quite an ordeal to start the trip, wouldn't you say?

Therefore, I've come up with these outfit alternatives and I'm needing your help deciding on which one I should wear.

Outfit #1

Black bow cardi with jeans, faux snake skin slip-on pumps (I can do airports in heels), grey jacket (worn as a jacket), and pearls to accessorize.

Outfit #2

Grey chinos with layered tees, grey knit sweater (which is a little longer than bolero length), and choice of shoes. The shoes directly correspond with the combination I layer the tees in. If I wear white on top of brown, it takes on a grey hue and looks fabulous with my faux snake skin heels. If I wear brown on top of white, the colors match perfectly with my Ugg boots. The sweater would also be accessorized by a vintage brooch and I'd wear my diamond earrings to top it all off.

If it makes any difference, right now Oregon is experiencing highs near 60-degrees F (or 15-degrees C), and lows near 40-degrees F (or 4-degrees C), and no rain for the day we arrive. However, both Friday and Sunday are calling for about an 80% chance of rain, so I'm not expecting that prediction to stick!

So what do you think?


  1. I think that you should wear the tshirt one. Planes can be hot or cold. Pretty much the temp you don't want it to be. That way, you will be able to cool off if it's hot (take coat off) and warm up if it's cool (put coat on) I think the heels are sassy but i can't do airports in heels so i would say uggs. but i like heels better then uggs so i say heels. I'm sure either outfit will make you look like a movie star!

  2. Thanks Miss B. :)

    I know heels would be okay in this instance because we're not changing flights, so I won't have to rush back and forth between gates. That's one of the major reason why I'm considering heels in the first place.

  3. i'd go the other combo myself... looks classier - which i prefer

  4. i'd normally be all about the comfort on a plane and say the 2nd one, but you mentioned it's only a 2 hour flight so the 1st one gets my vote in this case merely for the fact you won't have to pack your lovely grey jacket/dress into a suitcase and therefore leave room for more stuff ;)

    and have a safe trip and a great time!

  5. I like the first outfit...That gray jacket is divine!


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