October 12, 2009

seaside highland games

The lowest "High"land games in history, held at just three feet above sea level! ;) Jason and I spent the weekend in Ventura, California representing our Scottish Clan MacFie at the Highland Games. Sadly, we were the only MacFies there as the clan is rather small. I'm hoping that next year (when we attend the San Diego Highland Games) we'll have better luck at meeting some of our fellow Scotsmen.

All bundled up and ready to go. Ventura was very cold!

(I'm wearing the family colors in my scarf.)

There were British cars on display, which I loved. I've never seen a car with a left sided steering wheel!

This truck was my favorite. I've always wanted a vintage truck and this one is my size!

The athletics taking place. Putting the Stone (it weighs 26-pounds!).

(Now you know what men wear under their kilts!)

Throwing of the Weights. The bar is raised to 20 feet in the air, and the contestant tries to throw a 50-pound anvil over the top.

He just barely missed!

At the Tartan Information Booth. The display of military tartans made me cry when I saw this plaque:

A veteran--whether Active Duty or Retired,
Reserve or National Guard--
is someone who at one point in his or her life,
wrote a blank check made payable to
"The United States of America"
for the amount of
"up to and including my life."
You have earned, and deserve, the respect of your country men.

We loved this map of Scotland showing where all the clans came from. Jason was tickled to find out we're actual Highlanders. Here we are on our own little island!

This group was our favorite part of the whole weekend. It's a family group called "Celtic Spring," and they're too amazing for words. I shot this video in hopes that it would do a better job at describing their immense talent than I could!

Featured in the video is Mary (mother), Greg (dad), Elizabeth, Maire (pronounced like Mara), Sean, Patrick, and young Aiden.

And of course, there was lots and lots of delicious food! We partook in fish and chips, garden burgers, and the Celtic version of strawberry shortcake: scones with strawberries and cream.



  1. The Highland games were up in my neck of the woods in August. Isn't it fun? I had a Celtic shortcake too - dee-lish :)

    PS. Your hubby has the most adorable smile!

  2. Thank you Laura! BTW, you totally made him blush with that comment! Heehee!


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