October 13, 2009

onwards! (updated)

Now that my parents' birthday bash is over, the move is behind us, and the Highland Games have come and gone until next year, it's time to start the final preparations for Oregon!

I'm so excited and I cannot wait to see my cousins! I can't wait for Jason to meet this other part of my family who I spent so much of my childhood with. Plus, I've never been up North at this time of year. I know it's going to be cold but I'm also hoping to see some gorgeous late-fall foliage.

But being the little prissy thing that I am, I'm looking forward to the wardrobe aspect of the trip just as much (does that make me a bad person?). I've got one outfit hammered out already, and I'm thinking I'll build the rest of my wardrobe around it. Just imagine it with grey tights, black gloves, my Coach glasses from the Highland Games, and a scarf of some sort.

Vintage grey dress jacket - Etsy; shoes - Söfft; vintage brooches - Etsy.

I also have my grey jeans from Banana Republic which are super comfortable and will travel well, so they'll go into the suitcase too. The only other items I want to be sure to fit in are my brown snow boots which I purchased last year for the cross-country drive--good thing since we did actually encounter snow!

(Note to self: see if I can fit pea coat into luggage!)

I still have another week to decided on all the details, but at least I've got a color scheme in mind. If it can go with black or grey it will be considered!

Let's see how our calendar is shaping up since last we checked it...

September 11 - baseball game
September 12 - professional head shots
September 12 - Mom & Step-dad's 50th birthday party
September 13 - baseball game
September 28 - planned move date

October 10 - Highland Games
October 11 - Highland Games

*October 16 - TV audience participation (<--- canceled)
*October 17 - pumpkin patch
*October 17 - family BBQ @ Aunt & Uncle's house
October 24 - leave for Oregon
October 31 - return from Oregon

November 3 - leave for San Francisco
November 5 - return from San Francisco
November 17 - planned trip to Houston
November 19 - planned return from Houston
(canceled--it was my event and I decided not to go)
*November 26 - host Thanksgiving dinner (!!)
November 27 - free resort weekend
November 28 - free resort weekend

And in between all that I still want to:
- repaint dining room table
- strip & paint table leaf (for Thanksgiving)
- finish computer chair
- get house in order for the holidays

The house will be my absolute number one priority after we get home from Oregon. I want to talk about Thanksgiving in another post, but we'll be hosting it this year which is a first. That means (to me anyway) my house has to be in tip top condition so I can show it off and open it up. Right now it will just be six of us, but I've told Jason that any little lonely Marines in his shop are more than welcome to share our table--I just hope they like Tofurky! ;)

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