July 7, 2010

Happy anniversary

I know--again?! Jason and I celebrate two wedding anniversaries. Our first and legal wedding was held February 19, 2006 before he reenlisted into the Marines. Our second and formal wedding was held July 7, 2007 (yep, we were one of those couples)--three years ago today! I was lucky enough to have him for our February anniversary this year, so I'm stuck alone on this one (boo). I thought I'd share a few of our wedding pictures though! Hopefully you'll think they're as pretty as I do!

There was him.

There was me.

And my girls.

And his boys.

There were lots of Scottish and Irish touches, like the Tartan and pin...

A Celtic handfasting ritual...

And a bagpiper.

There were the little details, like Freedom roses...

And hand applying sequins to letters...

And vintage-style photography...

And a little something blue...

And a little something lacy.

There was lots and lots of kissing.

There were friends and family...

And tons of bubbles.

But in the end, there was just us.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! I'm a military wife too with my share of anniversaries celebrated alone. They're never fun, but you can always have a late celebration when he gets home! =)

  2. Wow! Those are some beautiful pictures. :)

  3. Anonymous7/13/2010

    What a lovely wedding! I suspect (ha!) you were the mastermind behind all the details.

    We're coming up on our 25th anniversary. The time goes by too fast...


  4. Happy Anniversary! your pictures are stunning!


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