July 10, 2010

There was a bit of an accident...

I fell down my stairs head first a few days ago and wound up in the ER like this:

They sent me for a CT scan and I've had to wear a neck brace for the past few days, as well as take a very fabulous muscle relaxer. As you can imagine, there hasn't been a lot of machine operating going on in The Nut Shell. But, I'm up and around again, slowly but surely trying to get back to normal. I won't hear anything on my scan results until Monday-ish, but please know that should anything pop up, I will share with my readers.

Hope you're all doing better than I am! =)


  1. Your title made me laugh for some reason.

    I'm glad you're okay.

    Is your neck brace purple?! You would get a designer neck brace. ;)

  2. Haha--no, that was just the one they put me in at the hospital. I ran out to RiteAid and bought one of those cheapy foam ones since they're (only slightly) more comfortable.

    They make designer neck braces?! ;)

  3. I'm sure you could figure out how to make it designer. Some spray glue and some fabric and you're all set! lol

  4. Amber! I wondered why there hadn't been a post in a few days! I am happy to hear that you are feeling okay and hope that you don't hear anything bad about your scan!

    But even in the ER with a neck brace you look GREAT! :)

  5. I never thanked you girls for your sweet, sweet comments! You sure know how to make me feel better--even after all is said and done.

    BTW, I just totally realzied you can see the little itty bitty corner of black eye I had going on!


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