July 31, 2010

So, I'm moving

I think I'd already made up my mind by the time I posed the question to my readers last week. When I mentioned the idea to Jason, his only response was, "Just do it before I come home!" Apparently the bedroom and the pub he's willing to live with in "under construction" mode. Flip-flopping the office for the loft is not. And that's what I've decided I'm calling the new room. The Loft. After I got the bee in my bonnet about it all, I started going through my inspiration folder to find some room ideas. The great thing was this room could kind of be anything! But, oh my god, this room could be anything--where do I begin?!

A few pictures caught my eye and I moved them into my main folder so I could later separate them for even further inspiration. This was the photo I ended with.

image from Decor8 on flickr

SIDE NOTE: Because I know all of us keep files on our hard drives and very rarely mark where they came from... Did you know that if you copy the name of the image from your computer (assuming you didn't change its name when you saved it) and plug it into Google images, it can usually find the source you saved it from? Instant credit giving!


Since I'm leaving the big bookcases upstairs, I loved how the picture incorporated that element. A simple chair and side table completes the tranquility of what I'd like our loft to have. We already own the Dolce Lounge chair from Target, but I'd like to find another arm chair as well. Maybe slip cover them both to make them match, but not match, kind of like our dinning room set. I'm working on revamping a coffee table to work in the room as well (more on that soon!), and the mirror I originally thought I was going to hang in our bedroom will get a new home in the loft as well.

The hard part now is actually moving everything!


  1. Sometimes simple things are the best choice. Just like the room in the picture. Nothing complicated and it looks so amazingly comfortable. I might be a little biased, though, as I really like the color blue lately for some reason.

  2. @Elli--You're not the only one! I have a new found affection for blue as well. And actually the loft will start having some more of the lighter blues (like the photo), and the "new" office will get some touches of navy blue. And I agree--sometimes simple is best! :)


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