July 25, 2010

Operation: Love Reunited

If you've never heard of Op: Love, check out their website. It's an amazing service to military families. Unfortunately, I don't know that a photographer will be available for Jason's homecoming, but I did get to do a "during-deployment" session for him about a month ago. I've been waiting for her to ship off Jason's book before sharing pictures. His book is officially on its way, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots with you!

Thanks for letting me share! I know that was very self indulgent. ;) I'm so happy that we're almost out of July! As of July 4, we were officially over the half way mark (imagine how happy I was when the occasion fell on such an appropriate date). Now, we're over 60% done! I love telling people that I have "more behind me than I do ahead of me." I miss Jason like crazy every day, and I thank all you so much for your well wishes, your support, and mostly your ears (er--eyes?). I don't know how many people actually read my blog (sure, I have followers, but how many of them make visits?) but knowing that a handful of you are out there reading and cheering me on makes some of my saddest and darkest days that much brighter. So thank you for the service you do for me!


  1. What beautiful pictures!!

  2. Love the photos - you are gorgeous! And I'm sure Jason will appreciate them. The day he comes home will be there before you know it, yay for getting past the halfway mark!! =)

  3. Anonymous7/26/2010

    I'm not a follower but I do visit your blog several times a week to catch up on "life" on the west coast (i live in NE) and look at the pics in envy! lol...I couldnt imagine how hard it would be with my special one so far away for so long! time will pass by quickly and he will be back in your arms again! he has so many suprises to come home to also!

  4. You look amazing, those pictures are gorgeous!!! Jason will be so happy about them...
    I admire you for all the things you come up with while being alone and how you keep yourself busy creating a beautiful space!
    I'll be leaving to study in the US in a month and will leave my boyfriend and family behind. I will sure be very busy, but I hope I can cope as wonderfully as you do. I'm counting down the days for you!

  5. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I'm getting so excited for Jason's return! I can't wait for him to see the house. It's hard to believe that when he left the living room wasn't even completed yet.


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