April 9, 2009

before & after

That nasty old book case I got from my step-dad?

Not here! Okay, so it's not something you'd see in a world-famous library or anything, but it's holding my books and that's what matters (FIY, what you see here is just our hardbacks and a small selection of our paper backs)!

Spray on primer (so much faster and easier to work with than roll on) = $4 x 3 cans = $12
Black semi gloss paint = $4
Foam rollers (6 pack for future projects) = $9
Foam paint wedge for nooks and crannies = $.50
Total Cost For Project= $25.50

Not bad for "brand new" book case! ;0) I'm still thinking I might add some crown molding to the top to hid the uneven-ness of it, but if I don't get to it, my heart won't be broken. As we "speak" I'm getting high off the fumes of my other refurb/DIY project. I'm hoping to finish it once we get back from my parents' this weekend. This has been one BIG change from my old DIY projects. Now that I'm a stay-at-home wife, I actually have the time and energy to finish my projects. Plus, I feel like I am really making progress in our little home without having (read: not being able) to spend a lot of money. As DH (and the Marine Corps) taught me, "Adapt and overcome!"


  1. First, your banner is wonderful. I love teal and red soo much, and the white accents. That's sooo exactly my style. Second, just love the name and your blog itself.


  2. Thanks Kastina! I love hearing from my new readers! Hope you'll stay a while! ;)


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