April 29, 2009

m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e!

Not to be forgotten, we had our lovely trip to Disneyland to meet up with my bestest, Stephanie (or G-Lo as I so lovingly refer to her). It was the first time I'd seen her since she and her husband had been married and they had the baby. A full four years has passed since then and we joke that we're closer now than before! We attribute our solid friendship on weekly calls between California (and previously, North Carolina) and Alaska, and the fact that we both have so much dirt on each other we have to be friends for life!

Quick side note: Stephanie's mom always (rightfully) thought I was a bad influence on her. She happend to come on the trip and when she realized we both have tattoos on our backs she put two and two together. Her exact words were: "You have tattoos too? You little shits--you did that together didn't you?!" (For the record, I got one of my foot tattoos with Stephanie, not my back tattoo.) Seeing them was such a thrill and getting to coo over Stephie's daughter was a blast! I was able to snap a few shots of us together, but alas, we were so busy hugging each other and screaming on the rides, the camera was forgotten!

Red white and blue halter top from Old Navy, jean capris (I think we all know where these are from by now?), diamond earrings from personal collection, purple water proof sport purse by Prada* (on bed in background), red beaded flip flops from American Eagle Outfitters (not pictured), sunglasses from American Eagle Outfitters (not pictured here), watch by Guess.

*This was a very key element in our day. I'll tell you why down the page.

Hubbs and I (I'm a sucker for amusement park pictures).

On the Matterhorn.

Baby Grace, Stephanie, moi.

Oh gawd, Grace was in love with Jason. She gave him these looks all day!

Saying our goodbyes. Grace got away with a big fat kiss from your truly. Red's a good color on her!

At the end of the day. Everyone got sunburned in some fashion--this was mine. No one remembers to put sunscreen on their feet!!

The dye from my flip flops ran, thanks to Splash Mountain.

Which brings me to why my water proof purse was so important. We. Got. Soaked! I wish I would have snapped a picture! The whole right sides of our bodies were absolutely drenched, which is what side I happen to carry my purse. Of course, prior to the ride we shoved our cell phones and watches in there. When I realized how wet it was I prayed that it actually was water proof, and not just a clever deceit by the makers at Prada. But, success! Everything was bone dry! Guess I found my amusement-park-going purse!

Day two was the complete opposite of day one--we practically froze! You can see how gray it was as Mickey and his friend danced for us!

I love this shot of us together in front of the Snow White waterfall. Look how tan Jason got! And he's only gotten darker!

They finally had the "Finding Nemo" submarine voyage open! It was so cool!! I'm hoping when we go down under later this year I'll get to see if this is really what it looks like!

The rest of our day was spent catching up on all the other rides we wanted to go on. We retired early and spent the next morning in bed! We skipped Disney's counterpart "California Adventure" in favor of more sleep and time together. ♥

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  1. You know hon - red lipstick looks AMAZING on you. And nice work with the waterproof purse!@

    Looks like you had a great time. My parents took me and my siblings to Disneyland CA when we were kids. I'd love to go back and do it all again.


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