May 1, 2009

"and we need one?"

I had this thought after my sister said the now-infamous line about my bedroom looking like and HGTV before shot; I realized that I want to have my house under control and at least looking like an adult house before the end of the year. So our bedroom was priority numero uno. It's nearly completed with the exception of a couple of things:

- New sheets [white]
- New down-alternative comforter [white]
- Bed skirt
- Headboard
- Storage totes

I could probably add wall decor to that list, but I'm not going to worry about it too much.

We recently solved our issue of not having a bed frame. We bought a simple metal frame from Wal-Mart, which I am loving way more than I should! It has adjustable feet which was such a supreme bonus since I was going to buy risers to get some storage room. It's the perfect height for storage totes that we [read, I] bought during an organizational frenzy back in North Carolina. And since space will be an issue for the next 12 years or so, hideable storage is always handy. Anyhoo...

The bed skirt was the next big thing on my list. I grappled with the idea of just hiding the unsightly box spring with another loose sheet but my better judgement won out and I decided to start hunting. Dusty over at All Things G&D [swoon! this blog] has some amazing ideas for organization and she was the first person I turned to for advice while looking for my newest addition. She pointed me to the budget-friendly-and-yet-oh-so-stylish Bed Bath & Beyond where I found this:

They call them dust ruffles, but there was nothing ruffley about the bed skirt I wanted. I love its tailored look, how clean and simple it is. I was pleasantly surprised when the Wamsutta brand came up as $5 cheaper than the BB&B brand, and $15 less than the other tailored bed skirt they offered. Also at D's suggestion, I picked up some bed skirt pins to keep it place. At only $3 for a set of 12, they weren't exactly going to break the bank.

Excited with the new addition, I told Hubbs about the purchase.

Him [confused]: "What's a bed skirt?"
Me: "It hangs down to hide the underside of your bed."
Him: "And we need one?"


As for the other items, I know I want jersey knit sheets from Target. Have you slept in these yet? Oh they're like your softest most lived in tee-shirt--frankly they kick the crap out of "thread count" sheets any day of the week! Plus at only $20 for any size set, how can you not love that? The down-alternative comforter should be simple enough to find. Our last one I bought on, but it was an actual down comforter. I'm trying to get away from feathers. The headboard will be a DIY-project for sure, but I want to wait until after we settle into the new house [we move in two weeks!!]. And the storage totes will come from Lowes unless we make a trip to Home Depot and they surprise the heck out of me.

: I can cross the comforter off my list! has come through once again! I found this gorgeous oversized comforter for only $45 with free shipping. And at the last minute I remembered to activate my eBates tracking ticket, so I earned money back as well. [Isn't this room so simple and heavenly? Love it!]


  1. Another thing to try is microfiber or bamboo sheets. Or you can get a blend of the two. I had never thought of it until I felt up some sheets at Costco...OH MY!! Absolutely my favorite sheets, and they DON'T WRINKLE! I get so flippin' tired of ironing my pillowcases and flatsheets, haha!

  2. Hi--thanks for the shout-out! I'm so happy I could help you out! Your bedroom looks just heavenly. I want to take a running jump onto that bed RIGHT NOW. So cozy--great job!

  3. G: I WISH that was my bedroom!! That was the picture that shows for the comforter. I'd be a happy camper if that was ours.


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