May 14, 2009

moving day

Did you know Blogger has an auto-post option? It does! As I'm writing this blog, it's only Tuesday. Hubbs is at work and I'm killing time [getting ready to take a bath with my new summery potions]. But by the time you read this, we'll be hauling stuff back and forth to our new house!!

I thought I'd sit down and type out my hopes and ideas for the next instalment of our life here in the desert. These projects will bring me as close as humanly possible to completing our home [I say "as close as" because our tastes are always developing and there's always something we're adding or giving away].

Master bedroom:
- Build and upholster DIY headboard
- Paint dressers [yes, the new ones--I'll touch on that in another post]
- New sheets

- Strip and repaint kitchen table
- Paint wall unit
- Replace mismatched dishes with matching ones [definitely going with white after I saw this beautiful kitchen, from The Adventures of Elizabeth--don't you love the jute drapes?]

Living room:

- Have couch cushions re-stuffed with foam [they're feather down right now, and a royal pain in the rear to keep fluffed]
- Buy new throw pillows [have my eye on these gorgeous ones from World Market--plus I have a 10% off coupon to spend before mid-June]

- Buy slipcovers for couches
- Find replacement for TV stand [it's glass and I'm terrified the TV is going to break it]

- Buy new desk
- Buy new office chair
- Buy a papasan chair [or double papasan chair!] for Netflix viewing
- Repaint book cases

Home gym:
- Buy Bowflex for Hubbs [he's been wanting one for almost a year now]
- Hang flat screen so I have something to watch will walking on the treadmill

- Buy metal tubs for laundry room storage [like this gorgeous picture from decorology]

- Buy baskets for under coffee table storage
- Replace frames that I ruined in my first attempt at refurbishing by spray painting


  1. Anonymous5/15/2009

    Found Ya!! I was wondering where you'd gone to! Love the new name and it looks like you're settling in...both here and your new house. Good luck with the house move and have a great weekend!

    Tracy in MA

  2. Oh I have laundry room envy with that last pic!

    xx VV

  3. Tracy--Yay! I was hoping some of my anonymous readers would be able to track me down!!

    VV--isn't that laundry room Heavenly?


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