May 31, 2009

dear nicholas sparks,

Seriously man. Can you not write a happy ending into one of your stories?! Does everyone have to die? Oh sure, you give us an hour of happiness, allow us to dream that a wonderful "happily ever after" lies ahead for Garret and Theresa, Noah and Allie, or Paul and Adrian. And then in that last half hour or so, you rip the carpet right out from under us! Garret drowns, Allie has dementia and can't even remember her one true love [save for five minutes every three days], and Paul is swept away by a mudslide! What do you have against people living happily together after finding the one person they're meant to be with?! Bitter much??

For real. It's called therapy. Look into it. Until you manage to write a happy ending into one of your stories, this little reader [and movie watcher] is boycotting!

Not that you'll care since you have millions of other devotees world wide. But just so you know. We? Are not cool with each other.


PS: I don't care how "beautiful" everyone thinks your movies are. Your movies make me cry so hard I forget what exactly is supposed to be beautiful about them. They don't make me feel thankful for what I have. They make feel desperate and clingy; my husband doesn't appreciate my hanging on him and crying every time he leaves the room after we watch one of your movies. It lasts for three days. I'd get sick of me too!

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