May 21, 2009

face lift

What is it about a new home that brings out the craftiness in you? I'm itching to start new DIY home decor projects, but my inner good-little-housewife tells me I should unpack before I start hauling out the big guns.

On my list of DIY projects: buying some candles and DIY-ing seasonal wraps [which I'll also put in my etsy shop] for our entry way cut out...

...some white sand to fill up my vase, which is looking kind of puny and sad...

...and all of my furniture repainting [some pieces were scuffed a little in the move and need some additional TLC]. But in the meantime, I was able to update some of our decor and cross a few things of my Home Completion list. Our new pillows from Cost Plus World Market sure did add a nice punch of color!

They came vacuumed packed, which I thought was really cool--talk about a space saver! Just cut 'em open and fluff 'em up!

We also found this gorgeous room divider for our abnormally long living room [30% off when we bought it, but now I think it's going for 50% off--doesn't it figure?]. Now it separates our sitting area from Jason's gaming area. I love it--it matches so perfectly with our coffee table and end table! Please don't mind the mess behind it. I was so excited to take the pictures I didn't think about--ahem!--straightening up first.

We've since hung pictures as well; most of which I took down because my living room looked real cluttered real fast. I'm now going to hang the bulk of them in the hallway as it allows for a more even spread.

Next thing on the list: making that metal and glass TV stand match with the rest of the furniture! I already have a plan of attack in mind for it thanks to my dear girls over on The Nest:

Paint the metal legs a nice tobacco brown to match with the rest of our furniture. Then, because it's a safe bet that paint will either not stick to the glass, or look bad once finished, I'm thinking about wallpapering the glass shelves instead! I've been scouting out [reasonably priced] linen or seagrass textured wallpapers as I think they will complement the dark brown rather nicely. If worse comes to worse and I can't find what I'm looking for, I can always fall back on poor man's wallpaper: contact paper!

If anyone else has some other good ideas for making it match, please share them!


  1. Anonymous5/23/2009

    I think I would try scrapbooking paper. It comes in millions of patterns and is fairly sheap. I would decoupge it to the underside of the glass.So you can see the pattern from the top, but it will not get torn or dirty, you would still have the ability to wipe the top ofthe shelves. I do think painting the legs is a great idea!

    Have a blast nesting n your new place and enjoy the process!


  2. I love the idea of decoupage-ing! Especially as it's would be far cheaper than wall paper (the cost of which has been shocking). Thanks Mamom!


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