May 29, 2009

10% off & nothing to buy

I hate wasting money. I hate wasting coupons even more! So when sent me a 10% off coupon, I thought for sure I could find at least one thing to spend it on.


The thing I hate about 10% off coupons is they feel so cheap. I mean, if I decide to buy something that costs around $25, I'm only saving $2.50 and that doesn't even cover the taxes once I get to the checkout page! The only time they're really worth while is when you're making a big(ger) purchase and you can at least make it count. I did find a couple things I thought were pretty, but that was it. They were pretty and if I wanted to talk myself into it, I could buy them. But I just don't work that way.

From top left: South Beach Cherry Red Table Lamps $100 for a set of two; Aqua Amphora Vase Leaf Sconce $30 each; Wild Orchid 24-inch Aqua Floor Pillow $20 each; Under the Sea Pillows $20 each [and a very nice substitute for the Williams Sonoma pillows going for about $80 each]. I really would have jumped on these because they're so freaking cute. But of course, I envision them sitting on two perfectly positioned Adirondack chairs with a small table between them... and we just don't have that yet.

However, I was able to cross two more things off of my home completion list [and this was the list I was trying to adhere to while searching on to be a good girl]! I bought our new jersey-knit sheets for our bed, and baskets for under our coffee table. They've both already shipped--love it when Target does that! I won't post pictures of the baskets now; I'll wait until they're in position.

I'm thinking my next area of focus needs to be the kitchen--it's the only list that hasn't had anything crossed off yet. Well, except for the computer room... or the miscellaneous list...

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