May 8, 2009

our new home!

We got our new address yesterday for our house on base! I'm so excited--we move in next Thursday! I changed our address with the post office just this morning, so hopefully everything will be rerouted by the time we're out of the old place. This weekend we plan on running to Palm Springs to grab a few things [I have a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon], and drop off a few things [we have about six boxes of clothes and stuff for Goodwill]. I'm also hoping to run by the new house again because when we saw it yesterday, I only managed to get four pictures of it. The cleaning people were there and I felt kind of odd about peeking in. Can you imagine? Me putting the camera right up to the window and snapping away as the cleaning and repair crew are doing their inspections! Ha!

"Houston: we have grass." [Yay!]

All my grown-up life I wanted a screen door--now I have one!

The garage is one of the coolest features so far. One of the cons of living here in the apartment is the lack of storage space. The garage is built with that issue specifically in mind! The car goes in the little alcove and the rest is all storage space!

In related news, Hubbs was called to the instructor's desk the other day during class. He wanted to verify that Hubbs was requesting duty at our current base. When he said yes, his instructor asked if there was any specific reason. Hubbs told him: we just got a house on base, we like the area, our family is near by, and we're ready to settle down for a bit. The instructor's response? "Okay. That shouldn't be an issue." [?!] Do I dare hold onto that statement in hopes that we get to stay?

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  1. Congratulations on your new homes --- the one with the garage and the new domain! The house looks darling. You even have your own yard, your own little porch. I'm so jealous!!! Good luck with the packing.


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