April 21, 2009

viva las vegas! (pt 1)

Yes, part one. Our weekend was so fabulous, and so busy, and so full of goodness that I'm going to break it up into a few different posts. I'd rather leave you with three regular posts than one gargantuan one! ;0) So here we go--our weekend in (mostly) pictures!


This was the picture text all our friends and family received to let them know we were officially on our way! It was a gorgeous day outside.

Our first glimpse of Las Vegas--and you can see our hotel!

The "allowance" outfit, all raring to go!

Racer back top from Victoria's Secret, yellow skirt from Victoria's Secret, wedge shoes by Timberland, watch by Guess, straw tote by Coach.

First things first--we were hungry. There was no better place than Margartitaville to satisfy our appetites (and get our first bit of alcohol in us for the weekend)!

Hubbs had a Tropical Hurricane.

I sampled a Havana Banana (yum).

Dessert was this monster. I'm ashamed to say I gorged myself and with all the walking in the hot sun and elevator rides, I was miserable the rest of the day--but no one could tell.

I did change though so I'd be just a liiiittle more comfortable in the afternoon. Our friends showed up and it was time to do some sightseeing! This is my fail safe outfit as I can usually guarantee it will fit in anywhere! This is also the beginning of my ham-performance for the camera.

White top from Banana Republic, jean capris from Anchor Blue (purchased in my high school years!), linen flats from The Gap, purse by Coach.

With a new outfit prepped and our friends refreshed, we were off to the Venetian.

The big to-do on every one's list was Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum. It was ridiculously fun considering it's just a bunch of mannequins! We took about 40 pictures, but here's a few of my favorites. Here I am playing catcher for Babe Ruth.

Swooning over Elvis.

Dancing with Judy Garland (I loved this one--it was such a good resemblance!)

Fitting in with the Kennedy's.

Cooking with Ms. Lucille Ball.

After our sojourn to the museum, we all wanted to kick back and enjoy the balmy evening with a gondola ride--on which I got "sea sick." :0(

Hubbs and I kissing it up under the bridge for luck.

Our little group: Jason, Me, my friend Katie (the birthday girl), and her date Jason.

We ended the night by attending a show called "Bite," a very hot little vampire burlesque show, set to classic rock music by the likes of Styx, Led Zeplin, and Guns n' Roses. It was by far a very surprising and great show!

Gold top by Armani (bought from the outlet malls, thank you very much!), black pants from New York and Company, t-strap shoes by Fahrenheit, vintage black beaded bag from Grandma.
Thus ended Saturday. Stayed tuned for Sunday (click here) and Monday (click here)!

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