April 9, 2009

news news news!

Wouldn't you know that the very day I blog about it, the housing office calls us! We're getting a house! They told us we won't be able to see it until May 14, as there are still people living in it. We will get the address on May 7 and be able to peek into the windows and see which house will actually be ours. When they told us the neighborhood, of course we had to (read: I had to) jump into the car and headed right over!

Now this is just an example of one of the houses I shot. This is not our house, but boy howdy if it was I'd be one happy camper!

We also found out that they have a good amount of storage inside, as well as the garage (which we got to see since some people had their doors open), and it's an extra 100 sq ft larger than our apartment. We also asked about those monthly inspections (false) and asked if I could complain about inconsiderate neighbors with dogs (true). They don't come with a washer and dryer though. However, Hubbs and I realized we'll be getting back the $1000+ security deposit we put down on the apartment (they shouldn't have to use very much, if any, of it when we move out), so that right there will be our appliance money! I'm so happy--it just feels like things are falling into place (the last piece will be the orders keeping us here).

In the meantime, I've been doing a little shopping for our upcoming trips. I spent my allowance for the first time on this summery outfit. I plan to wear it while cruising the strip during the day. Forgive the bad photo--my camera phone takes great shots (above) in the right lighting. This was not the right lighting.

I won't do a detailed explanation of it now, since it's not all dolled up for its debut excursion. I'm absolutely loving the racer back, as the cut makes me look nice and thin! You can't see it, but the back has this beautiful crochet design in it. I spent almost everything I had in my allowance (I think I had $7 left afterwards), but I feel like it was money well spent! And truth be told, I probably could have saved a little if I'd waited for the skirt to go on sale--but that yummy yellow color was just screaming my name! I figure that with my trusty jean capri's and a pair of comfortable sandals, the racer back will also do double duty at Disneyland. Gotta love double duty clothing items!


  1. Congratulations Bella! I knew it would all work out.


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