April 14, 2009


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend--we sure did! We got to visit with my cousin and her two-and-a-half-month old twin girls (so scrumptious!) on Monday before heading back up the mountain. In a rare moment of him actually holding a baby, I snapped this adorable shot of Jason and Emily. Can we say baby fever?

We also had a wonderful brunch with my mother and step-dad on Sunday, where I (shamefully) became a giggling drunk after 2 glasses of mimosas (champagne and orange juice). My friends received this lovely text message on the way home:


Let this be a lesson to never drink and dial. [hangs head shamefully] I went home and took a two hour nap afterwards! I also went shopping with my friend Katie in preparation for the upcoming Vegas trip--and had a lot of fun teaching her a few things about shopping and finding the right fit for things. I struck out finding something for myself, but Hubbs stopped by the outlet mall on the way home and I found a gorgeous shimmery gold top. But you'll have to wait for pictures from Las Vegas to see what it looks like!

Our two big ticket events were getting my wedding band (Friday), and visiting Ikea (Saturday). First off, the new band.

I'm absolutely in love with it! It looks like they were meant to be a set, even though they were made almost 80 years apart! You may notice the center stone is different as well. Turns out grandma's stone was just a little too big for my setting and was pushing the prongs out in a V shape. We decided rather than risk ruining the setting (and losing the stone) we'd replace it with a sapphire until we can afford a diamond to replace it. Having a colored stone definitely makes it look more vintage, but I want a clear stone--it looked so pretty with a diamond in it. We were also quite happy to discover that since we have a credit card with the jewelry company, we could take the ring home while still making layaway payments on it! Whoopie!

Next, Ikea. If you knew me a year ago you'd know that I hated Ikea. H-A-T-E-D hated. Not having one near us in North Carolina made shopping very frustrating as their website leaves a lot of room for want! But we badly needed night stands and I had seen a few tables online that weren't horribly expensive and might fit the bill for our bedroom. Plus I figured shopping in the actual store would be much better and give me a fair look at what they had to offer. So we toddled on down early Saturday morning. Hubbs was looking forward to it as he'd never seen an Ikea before. The whole trip took us about an hour and a half and we had the best time ever! I totally fell in love with this living room.

I love black and white--especially when the woods are mixed colors as well. If the room only had pops of red and blue it would have been perfect. The slip covered chairs and couch are to die for (a throw back love from my shabby chic days), and I've told DH that when we finally do replace the couches my mom passed down to us, this is what I want to do for a seating arrangement (no more love seats, arm chairs all the way!). This happened to be the display room where we found our new night stand tables as well--the mini-pedestals in the right hand corner. Aren't they cute? Bonus: they were only $20 a piece! We walked through every display soaking up the ideas and the perfectly accessorized rooms. I'm absolutely an Ikea girl now. Although some of their stuff is way more modern than I like, there are a number of things that have a very vintage feel to them as well. Like this desk we both fell in love with, with its working locks and skeleton keys.

We've also decided we have to have this wonderful chair, especially since its only a mere $60--not too shabby for an office chair!

Today we're doing laundry and a bit of housecleaning, preparing to pack up the house again for our next move. May 14 is going to come up on us very quickly, especially with the remaining activities we still have going on. Not mention Hubbs starts playing baseball with the Marines this week as well. At least I'll stay busy!


  1. Gorgeous ring--wow! I love it! Love that desk too. Those keys are a neat throwback!

  2. Beautiful ring. And just remember - a saphire is a very appropriate stone. HRH Princess Dianna had one as her engagement ring after all.

    And what a cute photo of Jason and the baby. A sign of things to come?

    xx VV

  3. VV: Quite possibly. :)

  4. yoru baby is so sweet! i love that ring! =)



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