April 22, 2009

viva las vegas! (pt 2)


Katie and Jason had to check out Sunday since they both had to be back at school and work. Before we left the hotel for more touristing, we had to visit the top of the Stratosphere for a peek! Here we are about 1,000 feet in the air here. Can you believe they have rides this high up and people actually go on them?! We all passed.

Katie really wanted to see the Secret Garden of Sigfried and Roy, so our first stop was the Mirage where we got to swoon over a baby dolphin (Bella) and a new baby leopard (Java).

Us girls wanted to take a cab down the strip to the MGM for lunch, but the boys forced us to suck it up and walk. We got to pass through Hermes, Prada, and the other lovely (over priced) forum shops, but we also tossed many pennies into the fountains outside of Caesar's Palace. Here's Hubbs and I enjoying the light mist coming off the water (it was all we could do not to jump in).

We enjoyed a lovely lunch inside the Rainforest Café. It's a gorgeous restaurant that's all themed out with animals, vines, and fish tanks. About every 30-45 minutes there's a thunder and lightening storm, and it rains (not on you). It was dark and cool, exactly what we needed after our trek.

Before Jason and Katie left, we shot over to the M&M factory for dessert (I was much more behaved this time) and to New York, New York so Katie could reminisce about home. We headed back to the hotel to say our farewells where Hubbs and I promptly fell into our bed for a nap before dinner. Thursday marks four years that we've been together, so along with celebrating Katie's birthday, we also wanted to kick up our heels in celebration of our four years! We made reservations at The Top of the World, the Stratosphere's restaurant.

Little black dress from Wet Seal (another high school purchase--though it fits much better now!), satin heels by Wild Diva, pearl jewelry set from Helzburg Diamonds, vintage black beaded bag.

Hubbs was looking mighty sharp too (forgive the bad flash--ahem!--some one's finger was in the way...).

We got to our table right as the sun was setting.

The special little butters, shaped like the Stratosphere.

The dessert tray, which I didn't touch!

We started to watch the lights come out in the downtown section of Las Vegas...

...and got all sappy looking at one another over the glow of the candle light. We were so entranced with each other, we didn't realize they'd brought us out a special anniversary truffle and told us to make a wish for the years to come. I started crying.

We ended the night winning $60 from the penny slots in the casino and passed out once our heads hit the hotel pillows.

Coming up next, our big payout on Monday...

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