July 7, 2009

growing up

In the past few days I've done two things that have made me feel very grown up. Of course, using the term "grown up" probably shows I'm still a way's off from my comparison, doesn't it?

Number One: I made reservations for a car rental.

We've only rented a car one other time, and that's when we road-tripped it down from Pennsylvania to North Carolina after our honeymoon. The car was in Jason's name (since he'd just turned 25) and he was the primary driver. Now, when I make my trip down to San Diego in August I'll be renting a car for the week, all by myself. I've made my appointment with Bad Kitty Photography which means I'll be needing wheels for at least two days that I'm down there (the shoot date and the proof date). I figure rather than put out any family members, a car of my own was the sensible choice. Thankfully our military bank scored me a 20% discount, extra insurance, and a bunch of waived fees. So for a little over $100, I'll have a Ford Focus (or similar) for a whole week.

Number Two: I made reservations with a personal stylist.

I know! How hoidy toidy of me! I actually didn't even know this service existed until I was lurking on the Fashion & Beauty board on The Nest. Apparently, Nordstrom's offers a complimentary personal stylist. All you have to do is make an appointment. I'm very excited because I have some serious questions about the right fits, cuts, and lengths for my body. I have a very odd little shape. I'm kind of short in the torso, I have a large bust, a small waist, big hips, and somewhat short little legs. Jeans that tend to be tight in the thighs gap in the waist. The high waist style doesn't look good on me, but how old can I get before "low rise" becomes a fashion faux pas? High water jeans make me look stumpy, as do Bermuda shorts. Capri pants look great on me--or is it pedal pushers? What about my skirt length? I tend to have a yellow complexion--what colors should I gravitate towards (I'm told I look great in dark colors like blues and reds) and which should I stay away from? You can see I'm riddled with questions! I better save up a bit of allowance now because I'll feel terrible if I pepper my stylist with questions and then buy absolutely nothing from her (or him)!

Either way these two events will be sure to add to an already exciting week. I can't wait to see Cinnamon and the girls again and I've already started preparing for the shoot. This includes running 1/4-mile everyday and putting to use that new Bowflex Hubbs bought! I guess we'll see how well it works in about 33 days...


  1. I am jealous that you can wear capri pants! They make me look like a giraffe. I kid you not, people don't believe me then they see me in them! Have fun with the stylist:)

    I still have never rented a car, you are more grown up than I am.

  2. My Sister got a stylist and said she loved it! At Nordstrom also, they do a very good job! Have fun being a grown up! I still want my youth! ;)

  3. Gwen: In the summer, capri pants are all I wear--have you seen the nothingness they call shorts these days?! It's why I wish I could wear Bermudas as they're a bit shorter, but then it's just stump city!

    Steph: Hey! I'm keeping my youth! ;0)

  4. Interesting. I always thought you looked positively lovely and very well put together. I'm envious of your figure and your legs look long to me!

  5. Thanks Nikki! My propotions aren't bad, but clothes don't always fit me the way they should! I guess that's the difference between quality and cheap clothes.


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