July 21, 2009

weight & see

I'm working my butt off--literally! I'm being such a good girl with this new workout regime. When I saw I was up .8 pounds yesterday, I ran an extra half mile on my treadmill before my evening walk. I'm thinking I'll do the same again today. I lost .2 of those .8 pounds gained, which is motivating. I'm determined to hit my goal weight (if not close to it) buy August 7. I plan to keep working out steadily after that as well, because I'd love to get down to my pre-surgery weight with my post-surgery results. I'm also going to stop weighing myself everyday because I know that's not going to be helpful.

The one area I could do better in is my eating. I'm ashamed to admit that the past two days in a row, I've had pizza--four slices each day (damn my compulsive behavior)! This morning I'm sitting here with a bowl of healthy oatmeal, made with only a little bit of vanilla creamer to sweeten it up. Lunch will probably be raw veggies, cottage cheese, and tomatoes (something I truly love to be honest) and dinner will be grilled fish with brown rice and steamed green beans. Truth be told, I could eat fish every day! Hubbs would soon grow tired of it, but not me! Give me fish or shrimp, sautéed, grilled, baked--mm!

I'm not the only one being a good girl though! My friend Katie blogged about our workout routine we've started via telephone. She calls me her drill instructor! I've found that by motivating her, it's also helped me to motivate myself as well. We have daily competitions to see how much water we're drinking, what healthy things we're eating, and how our workouts are going. Yesterday I sent her a picture of my vegetarian black bean burger, celery and carrot sticks with the caption: My healthy lunch. What are you having today?

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