July 24, 2009

love v.s. style

Ilove Victoria's Secret. I really, really do. I've always had such good luck when it comes to their clothes, I've never had any issues with returns or purchases, and the only thing I wish they'd change is the availability of clothing in-store (which is slowly happening). Last night I was suffering from a little case of insomnia, and decided a little shopping may calm me down. Besides, it's been a while since I've bought anything with my allowance!

They're were having some great sale on their henley sweaters, and I love henley's!1 I may also be just a little over zealous to get the heck out of the desert and into somewhere that has cool mornings (more on the in a second). I bought this sweater, in this color (ivory)...

This sweater, which isn't technically a henley, but I had to have it anyway because it was the only one that came in this color (ultra indigo)...

And this sweater (in midnight). I love ¾-length sleeves. Perfect for in-between weather.

Yesterday we found ourselves hit with an out-of-nowhere storm. I mean pouring rain, strong winds--reminded me of the hurricanes we'd have back in North Carolina.2 But to see rain, and to hear rain, it was great! This morning it's also quite gray outside, and it's only in the mid-eighties (it's usually about 105-degrees by about nine a.m. here). So while it's not those chilly mornings I'm longing for--my air conditioner is still on, after all--it's nice to be able to sit and pretend.

1 I love henley's so much that I actually had Jason convinced that Henley would be a great name for a little girl, should we ever have one. But after realizing it really didn't sound good with our last name, I begrudgingly gave it up.
2 I think I'm really going to miss the eastern winters this year. While I don't like being cold, I like dressing for the cold.


  1. I love your sweaters, Especially the middle one.

    And I am like you about the heat. I really really want to be out of it and just feel a cool breeze on my face.

  2. These are cute. I really like how the tops are long this season, I need to stock up too. I am long waisted and those shorter shirts just make me look ridiculous. (and fat! LOL!)


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