July 26, 2009

the tilted kilt

Yesterday my friend Katie came up to visit us. She was needing some away time and we told her as long as she didn't mind tagging along to Palm Springs, she was more than welcome! Our day started with a little make-up (by moi)...

And a before shot of my light brown hair! Our first stop was Salon 119 to get it nice and dark!

Outfit details: black lace ribbed tank top by Converse One Star, grey plaid vest by Bitten, jeans from Maurice's, black wedge flip-flops by Colin Stuart, grey velvet choker (Alice's choker) by Twilight Replica Jewelry.

Jason was set to get a massage while I had my hair colored, so poor Katie was stuck waiting for us. But it wasn't too busy and thankfully, she was able to sit in the next hair-chair so we could talk while Brittany (my stylist) turned my head into a fluffy chocolate cupcake. By the time everyone was done, we were starving! So we took Katie to The Tilted Kilt, which is quickly becoming our favorite restaurant.

(Why yes, I do think I'm a hard-core rock star!)

It's a Scots-Irish version of Hooters, but from what my boy-friends have told me, The Tilted Kilt has even better tasting food. I know Hubbs loves their onions rings. My BBF (best-boy-friend) Carson loves their wings and says they're "a million times better than Hooters." He says he'll actually never go back. Being vegetarians, we have to take his word for it.

But I think the boys just like the uniforms!

Dinner was followed by a very disappointing trip to see "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." Save your money, and wait until it comes to Netflix. The entire ride home all I could say was, "Worst. One. Ever!" Katie put it best when she said, "I don't feel that I got my $10 worth." The movie felt very empty and anticlimactic, which Hubbs kept repeating, was how the book was written. But there were a lot of things left out that he had to explain and once he did, things made a little more sense. So, yes. Worst one ever.


  1. It's odd the mix reviews the movie is getting. We went and saw it last week and loved it. Maybe because we're here in England so for us it's fun recognizing places? I dunno. It was my husband's first HP movie in theaters, so it was different for him than me, seeing one on the big screen.

    Oh, and love the dark hair!

  2. the books are always better

    great hair colour :)

  3. That's awesome you are both vegetarians! I'm vegan which I guess balances out my husbands omnivore-ness. :p


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