July 31, 2009

admitting defeat

21 days. That's how long our headboard has lasted. No, no, it hasn't broken. Jason has announced it's not what he was thinking it would be. I've sort of given him the "you-couldn't-have-told-me-this-before-I-measured-and-leveled-and-hung-it-on-the-wall-with-painful-carefulness" look, but what can I really say to it? If he doesn't like, it he doesn't like it. I appreciate that he at least gave me 21 days of enjoyment.

He was actually quite cute in finally telling me. We were lying in bed, him already falling asleep, me finishing up back episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (I never watched it when it was on TV). He was tossing and turning, and with each toss the headboard rattled against the wall. Like, all four panels. He looked at me from underneath our marshmallow fluff of a comforter and said, "I don't think I like the headboard! I'm sorry!" and then hid his little face again. We started talking about some of those reasons (the rattling being a big one), but when it came down to it, he simply said, "I just don't know if it fits with our house. It's too...country house." What he meant was, it doesn't match the one piece of furniture we both love, but can never seem to actually build a cohesive decor scheme around (and is the exact opposite of "country house").

Our coffee table. We bought this back in North Carolina (along with some very over sized couches, that we ended up selling) and it's been the one item in our house we've loved more than anything. And, not saying that it doesn't happen, when Jason and I agree on furniture with this much passion, it's a cause for celebration!

It may seem silly to design the whole house around one piece of furniture (Kholer commercial anyone?). I don't know why we feel the need to do it. Maybe because we want our whole house to flow. That was the main reason for our project list, formerly known as our "Home Completion Plans;" so that our house would finally start coming together. But now it looks like we may have to sit down and figure out what "together" really means. We have a few ideas to start heading in that direction, but so much is being put off because of our impending move. I'll be so happy to be back in San Diego, close to familiar shopping centers, stores, and everything else I need in one metropolis. But I digress.

So, once more I'm on the hunt for a headboard. We're talking about an iron headboard--something very old world feeling, without being too medieval or Gothic. Jason has also mentioned he'd love a bench in lieu of a foot board. Upon discovery that in our current room we'd have no space in between our bed and the TV, he happily pointed out it could sit under a window (which would look quite pretty--one point for the husband!) While we both love the look of this bench:

we are skittish about the matching bed:

Both are from JC Penney, and the reviews on the website just rave about the headboard, saying that the pictures don't do it justice. I'm thinking it's all the pink shabby chic-ness of the picture--how is any man supposed to envision that in his bedroom? And unlike the bench, I can't change the color to see how much better it would look in black.

In the meantime, dear readers, can you help us? I know some of you are vested in idea boards, a skill I have not yet acquired. If I asked for a bedroom that had the same feel as our coffee table, could you do it? How about a dinning room? How about accessories? How about keeping it on a very tight budget? If anyone thinks they're up to the challenge please let me know! You can email me (amber@2nutsinashell.com) or leave a comment on this post.

Off to Google...

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